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Rolling Laundry Hamper 2 Bags


✔️SIZE: 32″ x 17″ x 17″

✔️ STURDY STEEL FRAME – Comparing to other laundry carts, the JinaMart Laundry storage cart is built with high-quality materials and durable 16mm STEEL frames, which makes it sturdy enough to hold up bulky clothes.
✔️ EXTRA CONVENIENCE – Our laundry bag storage has two pockets on each side for your detergents and softeners. Also, an ironing board is added to this new edition. you can use it as an ironing station and use the bins to hold your clothes that need ironing and as you iron, each item, hang them up!!
✔️ HEAVY-DUTY CASTERS – Nothing can squash our heavy-duty casters. it can withstand the heaviness of bulky clothes. Also, you can freely roll this laundry sorter to collect your clothes from everywhere. it won’t scratch your floor at all.
✔️ PORTABLE LAUNDRY HAMPER – the laundry bags can be taken out and with easy lifting handles, you can easily carry the bags to the laundry room. Our laundry basket is made of strong 600D Oxford fabric bags with inner PVC coated. designed to withstand the heavyweights.
✔️ EASY INSTALLATION – The installation is easy as pie. you will be given an instruction card to guide you through assembling the laundry cart in less than 10 minutes.

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JINAMART Heavy Duty Laundry Sorter Bag Laundry Hamper Basket with Wheels Storage Cart + 2 Pockets Each Side.


Rolling Laundry Hamper assembling instruction
Rolling Laundry Hamper assembling instruction

GET RID OF ALL THE BASKETS FOR YOUR LAUNDRY!!! Instead of carrying several baskets to your laundry room, you can have all three baskets at the same time, that help you sort your clothes based on whatever you like!!!!

Time matters the most, JinaMart rolling laundry storage cart helps you to collect all the clothes from every corner of the house in a short time. it is not that big to takes so much space and not that small to not carry all the clothes. It is just right for every place. Ironing station JinaMart laundry storage includes an iron board as well. You can easily put your clean cloth into the bins and after ironing hang them on!!!

Specifications JinaMart Laundry storage is made of premium waterproof 600D Oxford fabric which is a heavyweight polyester fabric.

It is exceptionally durable and hard-wearing oxford fabric. It provides breathable properties and your clothes won’t smell on it. Steel casters are 10 times stronger than metal wheels. Two of the casters are lockable and can stay stable right beside you.

Where you can use our rolling storage It is not only for laundry, but you can also use it to organize or store everything, such as: Organizing your Clothes Organizing your Towels Get rid of the Toys on the floor Easily fits into anywhere, not that big to waste room nor that small for your clothes.


Army Green, Beige, Black, Brown, Grey

37 reviews for Rolling Laundry Hamper 2 Bags

  1. DJR

    Excellent quality heavy duty product.

  2. yamit tal

    Break so fast

  3. TJ

    I like this product, but I wish they held a bit more laundry

  4. Carla M

    Kind of love ❤️ BUT… not all the pieces to assemble were in the box…so now im stuck with something doesn’t work for me…

  5. Brenda Davis

    The wheels don’t roll which kind of defeats the purpose.

  6. Hoppaguy

    The Good:-Easy to assemble-Rolls wellThe Bad:-Not heavy duty-Bags are very thin-One of the poles does not fit that wellThe Bottom Line:This JINAMART laundry sorter is definitely not heavy duty. The bag is very thin and not durable. The cart was easy to assemble except for one pole doesn’t fit perfectly but it doesn’t affect performance. Overall, I would not recommend this JINAMART laundry sorter.

  7. Ivy B

    All of the rods have press fit nuts as the threads. The all fell out at once.

  8. comfort writing

    PROS:+ very easy to install+ super sturdy+ has side pockets in case you want to store whatever you want+ the hooks holds strong, even if laundry is heavyCONS:- the hooks can easily move off the bar, just have to resetOverall, it’s not a bad two hamper set. I love that it’s thin enough to hide behind our laundry room door. The color is neutral which will go in just about any room.

  9. Wylee’s mom

    This item assembles pretty easy. I assembled with and without bottom piece of cloth. Without is much simpler then with cloth section. But neither are difficult. Certainly makes dirty clothes situation neater. The wheels are a nice feature and two of the wheels have locks.

  10. Christie

    This rolling hamper is just okay. It rolls smoothly and there is a lock on one of the wheels. The bags are a thick canvas with heavy stitching, which is pretty unnecessary because the bags are so small, they would never hold enough laundry to put the bags in danger of ripping.The worst part of this hamper is the assembly. I tried putting this together by myself, but I had to call my husband in to finish it on the last step. There’s a piece of canvas that stretches across the bottom to provide extra weight support, and no matter how loosely or tightly I made the bars, I couldn’t stretch this piece of canvas across the bottom. I figured I just didn’t have the upper body strength, but my husband also seriously struggled with it. Then once he finally stretched it on, it made the whole frame crooked. I practically had to rebuild it in order to make it stand straight.Ultimately, I would spend my money on a different brand.

  11. Doggymcnuggets

    This laundry cart is okay – good enough but not great. I had no problem assembling it, but the finished piece is a little more wobbly than I’d expect given the price. The laundry bags are nice and sturdy but are on the skinny side and therefore don’t offer a lot of capacity. Of course, if the capacity was bigger it would probably tax the frame beyond its capacity so I suppose it’s good the bags aren’t too big. This will suffice but will work best for someone who does small loads of laundry. Not recommended for those like our family who do a lot of big loads.

  12. Happy customer

    I am very pleased with the product. Fits in a smaller space and was easy to assemble. Helps me with separating dry from no dry clothing.

  13. victoria tirado


  14. Krystal

    I love my little laundry hamper. It was super easy to put together and looks great. The only thing about this that I don’t really like is the bags, I wish they were bigger. They look to be very small and do not fill out the cart as the picture shows. However, the bags do have pockets on them, so you can put stain sticks or other things in them. It is also very sturdy and holds a good amount too. I am a bigger person and so my clothes are heavy and this holds my clothes with no problems. No bends or stretching on the bars at all. Everything is holding up and looking great, just wish the bags were a bit bigger. Other than that, totally happy with this hamper.

  15. B.A.R.

    We have this in our walk-in so that it’s easier to separate clothes as we use them. The frame is decently sturdy – enough for the size of bags and laundry it can hold. The bags sit on the fram kind of like hanging file folders. The only thing I don’t like about them is that they tend to close up until there’s a decent amount of clothes in them. In other respects, it works just fine. No issues with things being flimsy.

  16. FiFi’s Mom

    Difficult to put together and way over priced.It’s not a laundry sorter has to be built like a brick but this is so cheaply made that if you bump into it it might bend.You might be better off to just sort your laundry on the floor.Save your money.

  17. Lychee Corgi

    The metal bar broke. It’s definitely not durable. Not sure if it’s just the one I got but this is not it. Save your self time to buy another one

  18. Cat

    If you want your kids to keep their laundry off the floor and sorted as they go a laundry sorter is great. This is good for little kids especially. Teaching them young. The fabric it’s made of is thick and durable and the unit is comprised of aluminum but it’s sturdy.

  19. Honey Bunz

    The unit only comes with 2 bags not 3 and that is disappointing. It is narrower as well. The item they sent was only as wide as the 2 bags they sent. The fabric bottom is under extreme duress as it is slightly too small.The wheels are different too, mine are cheap plastic wheels where the ones in the picture are nice looking with metal. The metal supports are just wire not really durable. This did assemble easy and it works fine, semi-disappointed in this item because of the differences, but it does work fine.

  20. MetalheadMissy and Jimmy

    the assembly was good. it lasted only three months of regular use bringing it down to the basement laundry mat. all it took was my cat to jump on the bottom cloth part and it collapsed eventually . not sure that was the cause or it just wasn’t a well made item. I was hoping it would last in our building we have a downstairs laundry mat in our highrise and it was easier to put our clothing in here sort it wheel it down as opposed to having to go back now and put them in our grocery /utility cart or drag a non wheelable hamper down. in the market once again to try a different type see if that works out better. just be weary it didn’t last with moderate usage and a cat jumping on it.

  21. london

    PLEASE NOTE! when I was putting this together I felt like I had it all figured out and then put the instructions away so I ended up getting it together WITHOUT the bottom green canvas piece on the laundry sorter! You need to put that piece on before some of the final steps or you’ll have to take it apart again.That being said – this is a nice laundry sorter! It’s sturdy and the bags open up quite a bit when you put clothes into them.This is stylish and easy to assemble and use. The bags are easily removable and that makes it simple to dump the clothes into the washing machine if that’s what you want to do.Happy with this product!

  22. Christine1e

    I was so excited for this laundry cart to arrive. We live on a farm and have 5 kids ranging from 4 months to 10 years old. We are very good at making dirty laundry. Not quite as good at making clean laundry, but I have hope. We have a laundry cart but it doesn’t hold 7 people’s laundry. I actually squealed (just a tiny bit) when I saw the box.I am so very disappointed. The metal and cloth are cheap and flimsy. “Heavy duty” should not be part of its name. The instructions are not as clear as they should be, so my attempt to assemble while holding our youngest did not go well.The “support” (HA) bars that make up the bottom structure require the upright poles to be oriented specifically so the horizontal poles are level on parallel sides. This fact should be made clear in the illustration, or by labeling the poles differently or adding text.After J (10) fixed the horizontal bar positioning, the assembly was simple. Tighten the screws with the included combo Allen wrench/Phillips head screwdriver (we liked this gadget) and pop on the bags.But wait. The “support bars” (Ha again!) labeled B, are dropping like flies. I notice my son whacking the pole with a boot. I intervene, thinking the screwdriver gadget is needed, since no boots were included for assembly. He asks for a hammer, but this wimpy cart would clearly not stand up to that treatment.J’s boot maneuver was actually appropriate, because the inserts into the horizontal pole ends, which handily screwed into the uprights, have stayed behind with their new upright friends as the “support” (yeah ha) poles have parted ways and decided to remove themselves from the cart.So we install the cloth on the horizontal bars, then attempt to convince all pole Bs to rejoin poles A, C, and D and supply a bit of integrity to the structure. I manage to photograph this brief reconciliation as the casters are applied.The upright and horizontal poles then decide on a trial separation, and abandonIng the delicate cloth meant to hold the laundry bags from the bottom.At this point, the cart HAS ENCOUNTERED NO LAUNDRY. You can see in the photos we have rather a lot (did I mention a farm with 5 kids and a new baby?). We surmise the cart saw its future and collapsed in despair.We shove and whack everything back into place for photos. Note Wimpy compared to Old Faithful, laundry cart from 2015, still going strong. Old Faithful is sturdier. Larger. Shockingly resilient. And priced almost identically.So as we herd children to bed, the oldest trips and falls on Wimpy. Irreconcilable differences are acknowledged, and Wimpy now awaits recycling pickup.Old Faithful (and family) anxiously anticipate the arrival of AN EXACT DUPLICATE OF THE CART WE ALREADY HAD.Goodbye Wimpy. You never even held a baby’s onesie. For shame.“Old Faithful”Seville Classics Heavy-Duty 3-Bag Laundry Sorter Cart https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0085J6S0Y/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_oqJf3xtfYd2p4I use reviews for every online purchase I make, so I try to include the most important features (good and bad) when I write reviews.If you find my review helpful, please mark that below.

  23. G. Hearn

    I have the 2 – bag model of this laundry hamper. Assembly is required. It’s fairly easy to put together. There are casters on the bottom for easy rolling around. I would not really say this is a “heavy duty” item, but it is more like “medium duty” item. It works for what it is. It’s really for one person. So you can sort and put colors in one side and whites in the other. Works well for a dorm or apartment.The model that I have does not have the ironing board on top. You could purchase a small ironing board to place on top if you wish. Or something else to place on top to use it as a counter. To place things on top of.Made in China.

  24. Chellebble

    This is a no for me… not heavy duty at all. The bottom canvas part was a different fabric and sewed wrong so it would not fit on. Already came apart. Horrible quality 🙁

  25. jennahw

    This is easy to put together and looks great. I love the pockets on the bags and the fact that they are easy to pick up to take to the washer. I did not put the fabric piece on the bottom (I forgot..oops) and it’s totally fine and imho looks better without it.

  26. The J Post

    Light has been holding up well it’s okay. Nothing amazing.

  27. James Sullivan

    Love the wheels and the pockets on the side of the bags

  28. Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader

    JINAMART Heavy Duty Laundry Sorter Bag comes unassembled (of course). The instructions are easy to understand. The pieces are in bags labeled with a letter. I just follow the pictures and put the laundry sorter together. It evens comes with the allen wrench. I do want to mention their is a piece of fabric that goes across the bottom that needs to be attached before you put the final side on. I did not notice until after I completed. I had it assembled in about fifteen minutes. I like that it has wheels. I can just roll it over to the washer and load in the clothes. There are even pockets on the outside of the canvas hampers. This is a great addition to my laundry room.

  29. Molly M.

    I ordered the grey JINAMART Heavy Duty Laundry Sorter with 2 pouches. There are some things I like, and some things I do not like. It’s good there are 2 pouches, so I can pre-sort my laundry. Each of the pouches has pockets on one side. For me, this is nice because some of my garments need to go into mesh bags to be washed, so those items aren’t going to get mixed in without the mesh bag. I can wheel this into my laundry room and back again to the closet. This is why I had interest, because sometimes my hands hurt badly, and it’s hard to lift a basket some days. This makes my life just a little easier for daily tasks.Some things I did not like is that the bars are very thin. The assembly wasn’t too bad. I did most of it myself, but I did need help to attach the bottom nylon fabric support to the bottom bars. It was really, really tight. Other than that, if you wait until you have all the bars in place and then make the screws very tight, it will come out level. At least, mine did. One bar was suppose to have a push-tab to attach to it’s neighboring bar, but it was missing. This didn’t affect the final assembly in the long-run, but it does make it a little less secure. I would expect the bars to be a bit thicker and no flaws for the price. For those reasons, I consider this a fair value at best. All these issues could be easily remedied and the JINAMART Heavy Duty Laundry Sorter would be a much better value, and a better product.Thanks for reading my review. If it was helpful in any way, pleas click the button below.

  30. dark knight

    use for laundry and the wheels are super helpful extra!

  31. John Berry

    Its very easy to assemble and is a little smaller than i thought it would be. The problem I have with it is the “hooks” for the bag tend to come off or twist upwards if the bag isn’t spread all the way out and tight. The bags tend to come together and loosen when you put clothes or whatever in so you are constantly adjusting the bags to make sure they are spread out at the top preventing the bags from falling off. I hope I explained that for you to understand.

  32. The station salon

    Too small for the Apache it was purchased for but have found another place forIt.

  33. Amazon Customer

    Was really hoping for a new laundry hamper 2 weeks ago. Exchanged one because it was missing 3 screws, recived the replacement today and it is also missing a screw.

  34. Anbee

    (Note: Ours is a two-bag cart, not a three-bag.)This is an awesome little laundry cart. It was relatively easy to assemble — decent instructions. The only issue I had was putting in the cloth bottom. It had to stretch very tight to get everything else to go into place, and that required an extra set of hands. Otherwise, pretty easy.And, it’s been sturdy. The bags hold up well, even when packed full of laundry. They slide on and off the cart easily and hang very nicely. The cart itself holds up nicely as well. No issues there.The only complaint I have is that the bags could easily be a good 1-2 inches wider apiece and still have plenty of room to hang easily on the cart. The cart is sturdy enough to handle the little bit of extra weight that the bags would have when full, and it would make a huge difference in the capacity.Other than that, really like this cart.

  35. Clark

    It was a little difficult to get together and once I finally got all the screws tightened down I pulled the laundry bags out and half the seams were missed on the bottoms and thus unable to hold anything. Apart from the bags not being useable, the frame was almost impossible to assemble straight despite loosening everything and laying it on a flat surface to ensure everything was level then carefully retightening everything back up. The caster wheels were also not smooth in their function and even unlocked didn’troll smoothly on tile floors. The bags themselves are also quite small and don’t hold very much for it being marketed as a heavy duty laundry sorter. This was just a huge disappointment all the way around.

  36. KIM


  37. Bianca

    I got this for my son thinking that ok he would be able to start sorting his clothes and bring it to the wash. We had this for only a week and the whole thing fell apart after only using it two times what a waste of my money.:(

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