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Large Fridge Storage Bins with Handles – BPA Free High Quality Clear Plastic Storage Racks Set of 2,4,6,8


Large Fridge Storage Bins with Handles STACKABLE & NON-SLIPPERY – Unlike other organizers in the market, JinaMart storage containers are STACKABLE!! You can easily put them all together and make extra space in your cabinet.

Set of 2,4,6,8 Kitchen Storage Bins | Stackable Refrigerator Organizers

✅ Transparent Design
✅Practical Storage
✅Portable $ Stackable Design
✅Great Gift Ideas
✅Perfect Size

2 pcs
4 pcs
6 pcs
8 pcs


Large Fridge Storage Bins with Handles for Freezers Kitchen Countertops Cabinets Food- Set of 2,4,6,8

TRANSPARENT DESIGN: The attractive clear plastic design makes it easy to see what is stored and find your items quickly. These non-slippery plastic organizer bins are easy to see into making them perfect as kitchen cabinet top containers. The practical, integrated handles facilitate the removal and flexible movement of the kitchen storage units. These clear fridge organizers and storage bins are made of durable BPA and Chlorine free shatter-resistant plastic.
PRACTICAL STORAGE: This large refrigerator organizer bin is ideal for storing frozen and packaged vegetables, ice cream, pudding snacks, school lunches, baking supplies, pantry, drinks, and juice boxes, cold or dry foods, canned goods, wellness items, store vitamin bottles, medicine, aspirin, band-aids. This organizer bin for the fridge is not limited to home use only but can also fit well in offices, factories, restaurants for proper management of the products being dealt with.
PORTABLE AND STACKABLE DESIGN: The organizer for the fridge is easy to transport thanks to its integrated handles that provide easy grip to transfer from fridge to table. These stackable storage bins for refrigerators can be effortlessly stacked upon one another to make a space-sparing capacity framework anywhere in your kitchen. These versatile storage boxes can be used in any room of the home; Great for keeping small items organized and easy to find. Use them in the bedroom, bathroom.
GREAT GIFT IDEA: This refrigerator organizer bins set of 8 can be the best gift for your friends, family, office employee, and your loved ones on the occasion of Christmas, Thanksgiving, Good Friday, and New Year. These fridge organizer bins include two wide, two standard organizers – a perfect size for keeping soda, juice boxes, large and small items.
PERFECT SIZE: These stackable storage bins for refrigerators are specially designed to keep your things properly and their perfect size is suitable to store all your kitchen needs.

STACKABLE & NON-SLIPPERY: Unlike other organizers in the market, JinaMart storage containers are STACKABLE!! You can easily put them all together and make extra space in your cabinet.

ACCESSIBLE WITH CLEAR DESIGN: Easy access pull-out containers are an ideal choice for a fridge, freezer, pantry, drawer and more. Save time and difficulty of looking for things, clear design helps you to know what has been left back of your fridge. Save time and difficulty in looking for things.

EASY TO CLEAN & DURABLE DESIGN: Simply wipe the odor-resistant kitchen storage organization bins with a damp cloth to effectively remove food particles and leave your fridge nice and fresh. Please do not put them in Dishwasher. Always stay healthy by putting your food in JinaMart BPA-free storage containers.

PERFECT SIZE: We know you have options here and we want to make your choice the easiest one.



JinaMart Fridge, pantry, office bins organizer The best solution for more additional space

Jinamart refrigerator Organizer Stackable Bins, Set of 4 is the ideal storage solution for your refrigerator, pantry, or anywhere you need additional storage. Ideal sized to fit fruits, vegetables,  yogurts, canned goods, food packets, cheese, meat, also good for storing dry goods in the pantry.

  • ✅ create more storage
  • ✅ perfect for all food and non-food items
  • ✅ visible and accessible
  • ✅ BPA Free
  • ✅ stackable to create more storage
  • ✅ built to last
  • ✅ shatter-resistant
  • ✅ non-slip texture

Office organizer
It helps to keep your place neat and organized and makes tables, offices conveniently accessible, and saves shelf space.

  • ✅ Easy to carry handles
  • ✅ Easy to care
  • ✅ Easy to access content
  • ✅ Easy for everyday use
  • ✅ Easy to wash

2 pcs, 4 pcs, 6 pcs, 8 pcs

110 reviews for Large Fridge Storage Bins with Handles – BPA Free High Quality Clear Plastic Storage Racks Set of 2,4,6,8

  1. DF

    Love the organization these offer! Accidently submitted a review for the wrong item and the seller contacted me right away to give options! Breath of fresh air after last seller!

  2. Amazon Customer

    Works great in refrigerator! I know where everything is.

  3. TL

    All of the containers are great. The largest one is too big to do anything in our fridge/freezer, so we don’t use it.The egg container is annoying. The lid does not snap on.

  4. Monika Bielak

    The product is amazing. Definitely keeps my fridge a lot my organized and cleaner. It’s durable and easy to clean. My kids also love it because it shows all their favourite snacks and it’s easy to get!I would definitely recommend!

  5. Ruth A Abad

    I love it

  6. Kindle Customer

    They are a perfect size for a pantry and refrigerator. They are clear so I can see what is stored there.

  7. Angelica

    I like because only washing easy

  8. A.C

    Great for refrigerator organization

  9. Chelsea Winn

    perfect for pantry storage

  10. Lena Sterne

    I bought these as pull out storage in my bathroom cabinets. They are very nice and crystal clear. They do have little non slip bumps on the bottom so you need to remember to lift the whe you try to slide them in and out of the shelf.

  11. Alexis Kroll

    My refrigerator better organized with containers

  12. Song Song

    Good quality. I wish there are more sizes to choose from and make the combination.

  13. Peggy L.

    I have an apartment size fridge and they fit perfect. Now you can see what’s on the bottom shelve without going on your hands and knees.

  14. Surf Cal

    I bought these to organize my refrigerator that is turning into a massive black hole. We never find items that is supposed to be in there, and I can’t find an item which was pushed to the back of the fridge. Wasteful and unhealthy to find an oozy ball of mess. Once I got this storage container, I was able to categorize and organize our 4 main messy areas: cheese, meats, sodas and other misc items. Voila! We don’t keep the fridge open too long, items are easily identified and accessible, and now I know what I need to buy before I go to grocery store! Amazing items. Easy to clean, stackable yes, but I don’t as my fridge has enough space so far. Sturdy when stacked with full soda cans.

  15. Larry K. Hinson

    They are sturdy. Sized just right. Reasonably priced.

  16. Ben

    Set of 4 to organize things in the refrigerator.

  17. Jared Murphy

    Shout out to products like these and my wife for making our cupboard organized. Its no longer a hassle to find things and we can even store stuff behind it cause its easy to remove all at once now!

  18. Amazon Customer

    Great product

  19. Teresa M. Jergens

    Recently moved in to a house and the refrigerator has wire racks! I hate wire racks in a fridge and these containers solve my anger issues the the racks. 🤪 Highly recommend! My fridge has never been so organized!

  20. sherian

    My daughter bought a set of these and it was great fir her refrigerator. I haven’t placed them in my refrigerator yet but will be. They are sturdy, see through and just slide them towards you and you can get something without breaking your back

  21. Wanda Headley

    I did not use in fridge but the pantry and linen closet for organizing instead.

  22. Becky T

    I love these bins for my pantry. They are just the right size to be able to get everything organized. I tried them for my closet, but they aren’t quite the right size for the configuration I want. When it says “stackable” it means that they will nest inside of each other because the walls are slightly slanted so that the opening on the top is slightly bigger than the footprint. I didn’t notice this as a problem when I was putting cans in them. In fact, it’s convenient for storing extra bins.

  23. Laurel Spilchen

    When they say “stackable” they mean when they’re empty. You can’t stack them when they have things in them

  24. Christina Kolody

    They work great in my fridge to organize and keep it neat and tidy.

  25. Hippie Chick

    These were just what I needed in my refrigerator.

  26. Amazon Customer

    I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase and my refrigerator is beautifully organized!

  27. Linda A.

    I am enjoying this set. I have a couple pieces in the fridge for organizing and some in the freezer.I didn’t plan on using the egg compartment one, so set it aside.Later, I found it’s great for storing figs from my fig tree. I guess because there is a cover (?). Somehow the figs last months! (Which is great because fresh figs can go bad in a single day!). It’s the first year I’ve been able to save enough to make preserves.The egg container was accidentally run thru the dishwasher on the top rack (helpful hubby is very sorry) and it warped and no longer sits flat. I’m still using it and will look for another elsewhere.The remainder of the set is great, as long as it stays OUT of the DISHWASHER.I did go back and re-read all the descriptions on the listing. Zero mention about the dishwasher. Tactfully omitted???I’d say more like not fessing-up the truth.Still like the bins, but won’t reorder from this maker.

  28. Vanessa

    Look great in the fridge! They stacked nicely

  29. bobbi j

    Made with high quality plastic and super easy to clean. Arrived earlier then expected. All around, a great purchase.

  30. Dar

    Used the item for the refrigerator to organize condiments and snacks

  31. Roxanna M.

    As shown

  32. rosy agostino

    very nice, and good quality.helps me keep my fridge organized

  33. Ace

    It looks really nice. However, I feel that it is not that sturdy. I really need to be careful using it so it’ll last longer. The price is fair for 6 pieces of storage. Overall I’m happy that I’m able to organize my fridge.

  34. lennin jose cruz pay

    Es un buen producto a pesar de que uno de los contenedores llegó roto ( crackeado ) fuera de eso es bien funcional para tener la nevera más organizada, eso sí deben tener cuenta con el tamaño de su nevera y medir dónde quedarán los contenedores

  35. Claudy campo

    Lo recomiendo al 100. Un tamaño perfecto para una nevera mediana.

  36. trey potier

    I love these containers, they make organizing the fridge and pantry so easy! They perfectly fit a double row of cans and perfectly organize snacks. They’re sturdy, simple, and incredible useful

  37. gayle jensen

    Pantry and refrigerator organize

  38. Arzana white

    I needed some clear, STACKABLE containers for my pantry, vanities, closers etc… Initially, I only purchase a set as some reviews were staying that these are not stackable as per description… These are INDEED STACKABLE. I took the advice of the other reviewers and when stacking, containers have to lay in opposite directions on top of each other. After, organizing my vanity and under the sink, I ended up purchasing another 2 or 3 sets of these which just arrived. They come in different sizes which is amazing..I used the table with different sizes and measurements and mixed and matched as per my needs. I love the product and I will be sure to order more as I tackle one room at a time! They all came packaged so well and no damage was done 🙂

  39. Carolyn Phipps

    I love these containers… I am using therm in the pantry and in the linen closet and in the bathroom.

  40. Danielle

    Great sizes! The bins seem sturdy and well made.Keeps my fridge organized and easy to reach all my food 🙂

  41. phantomchic

    Perfect size. I have a small fridge and this is great for organizing kids snacks, etc. Perfect length and makes the fridge look much cleaner

  42. Kathey Insley

    These have really made my refrigerator organized and as a result it stays clean!!

  43. Amazon Customer

    I received this item on March 4. Cleaned out the fridge and inserted these bins. They are a real money saver because nothing now gets pushed to the back of the fridge and gets thrown out a week or two later. I have one full of jams and spreads, when we are having a big breakfast we leave the bin in the middle of the table makes it faster for cleanup. I have one with packages of sandwich meats that now gets rotated. The best part is my husband is loving the idea, and said the money was well spent.

  44. Vaughn

    After 10 years several of my fridge shelves broke. Food was everywhere. Then I brought these containers and everything is organized. I love it.

  45. Leia K.

    Was so excited for these to come in. The plastic is very sturdy, but will not hold up to your dishwasher. We read through all of the packing and questions on Amazon to make sure it would be okay to put in the dishwasher before using. Nothing said it wasn’t dishwasher safe.We’re returning because all of the other organizers we’ve purchased in the past were dishwasher safe. These come in at around $6.66/organizer. They should be more durable.

  46. Amazon Customer

    Excellent quality and easy to clean.

  47. J K

    Perfect containers to help organize my pantry!

  48. trigger187

    Will buy again! I use it in my pantry and it helps so much! Ty!

  49. Nikki

    Love the handles and size of these!

  50. Lizbeth carias

    Me encanto muy fácil para limpiar y también Para organizar mi refrigerador

  51. Chantal V.

    Keeps the fridge nice and organized

  52. Kristy Nguyen

    Great size had it arrived not warped or damaged from shipping

  53. Frankie flowers.

    Ordered four of these. What a game changer for me. No more rummaging around looking for things. The cheeses are with the cheeses the fruits with the fruits. Highly recommend.

  54. Linda Rosas

    This is a great buy

  55. Manel

    Bonne qualité et très utile

  56. Idita Beckles

    Loved it. Met my expectations

  57. Stacey G

    This was great for organizing my fridge. Good quality and happy with the product.

  58. Jessica


  59. Asenath Walker

    Organized my fridge perfectly just as advertised

  60. Sheila Larman

    The media could not be loaded.

     These are pretty clear, with the exception of a hazy, melty looking hue to them. It looks like an oil & water mixture – you know the distorted hue that puts of when looking at it – that what it has. I’ve bought from other companies that are completely crystal clear & they look nicer for my fridge & pantry organization.

  61. Teri Wilkinson

    perfect size

  62. Amazon Customer

    Love these. I use them for pasta, batteries, veggies, sugar, and sugar packets. You can use them anywhere in the house for anything!

  63. Ana2614

    Facile a nettoyer! J’aime que ce soit transparent

  64. Rochelle Greene

    Loved it very durable and sturdy will definitely come in handy inside the fridge and on top of it

  65. Dolly Egbert

    Great purchase, love my fridge so organized now.Good quality good price

  66. Joe S

    Honestly if you are on the fence about these, BUY THEM.We are a busy family and this has drastically changed how my fridge is organized. There is now less food waste and we have quick access to healthy snacks. I prep them once per week with fresh cut and washed veggies, fruits, yogurts, etc.

  67. Happylo

    Storage capacity and easy to clean

  68. Deb King

    I’m using in the bathroom top cabinet shelf. No more missing items 😝

  69. Reta W.

    Love to organize! Love the clear storage!

  70. Lisa Garwood

    Great product

  71. Amazon Customer

    Decently well made. Maybe a little pricey.

  72. Ashley

    Great space savers – fridge is so organized

  73. Amanda R

    My fridge is so organized now!! We have a smaller fridge (counter depth) so if anyone has that, these will work, some will need to face in sideways but only if you also have counter depth. They work perfect and I’m so happy to have a clean fridge finally!

  74. 289-355-9111

    Great product

  75. Anita T. Gittelson

    Sizes are perfect

  76. Tim Godin

    I got a very nice container which I’m using to store 3 of my fancy ice trays I got for my bar. But only one came, even though it said 2 in the description? It’s exactly what I want if there was two otherwise…

  77. Yoniel Edwards

  78. Ramona

    The containers were very easy to clean. Fit well into my average size refrigerator and it allows me to see what I have easily

  79. Sheyla Carrasquillo

    me encantó

  80. Miranda

    These are great.Very helpful to keep the kitchen organized.I do wish the egg holder held more then 12 eggs – but hey if that’s the extent of my only complaint, I’ll take it.

  81. Sigmit

    Excellent visibility and heavy duty

  82. Shannon A

    Nice crystal-clear acrylic. I like that these can be compact and stackable when not in use, and that one of the handles is indented inwards so it doesn’t take up an extra inch or so of space when stored at the back of a fridge, cupboard, etc.

  83. Zachary T Berry

    I love them but I realized I didn’t get an egg container in mine and one of them came warped. Pretty disappointed I was so excited to get my fridge organized.

  84. Diana Rivera

    Resistentes y excelente tamaño

  85. Hong Dexter

    OCD’s dream! High quality! Very sturdy.

  86. Mary Gordon

    I Love these containers they are just what I needed to organize all of my food in a neat and perfect way

  87. Guy

    Perfect, sturdy, stackable, good quality, good value.

  88. Jes

    I see some reviews saying they are not stackable but that is because they did not rotate the bins. You have to turn one of them the other way (180 degrees turn) for it to stand on top of one another.

  89. Teressa Pratt

    This was exactly how it was described and exactly what I was looking for excellent product

  90. jordan templeton

    The Jinamart six piece fridge organizer set is great and is made of high quality, clear plastic trays. The trays are stackable and have a handle on the front. I highly recommend these but please note the following:1. The egg tray will only hold 12 eggs or less. Any more than 12 eggs will mean that the cover will not work/fit.2. If you have a mini fridge or small apartment fridge, make sure you confirm the length of the inside of the fridge to ensure that the tray will fit.Overall, great product.

  91. JacB

    They work a little to help with organization – but they’re not stackable, which is how they’re advertised. They don’t work for what I need.

  92. Riinu A.

    The media could not be loaded.

     I just received them and they are actually bigger than expected.I read some other reviews that said that they are not stackable. THEY ARE STACKABLE. You just have to place boxes opposite direction and they stack perfectly. There are even little edges that prevent slipping.I read from other posts that they are not dishwasher safe so I’m not gonna even try. It is ok for me as they are easy to rinse out.Overall, they are PERFECT for fridge organization and I’ll probably order another batch.

  93. schoolgirl

    These are perfect to organize the food in your fridge!

  94. Amazon Customer

    Great size but not the best quality in my opinion. They don’t seem sturdy but for the price I paid it’s to be expected. Got these on daily deal. Also theses did not come package in amazon box.

  95. Veronica Ramos

    Loved them

  96. KT

    My fridge has never looked so organized and wish I bought sooner. Sizing works well for all items/shapes. Sturdy and easy to clean

  97. G. Duarte

    Love these organizers in my refrigerator Work great

  98. Kay Groth

    Definitely good for a organize your fridge or drawer, etc

  99. Mrudula

    Good quality and good variety of sizes.Perfect for organizing items in your fridge or pantry.

  100. V Lattimer

    These are great for the price point! Love the handles and easiness to clean.

  101. suze sainte

    This item is just right for its purpose.

  102. Natikc

    Helped me organize my refrigerator.

  103. Ashley Kathleens

    East to clean and very sturdy and durable. However, they do not stack or nestle on top of one another just fall into the bin below and crush whatever in it. Helpful for organizing parts of the fridge and under the sink.

  104. thered

    Too see everything perfect

  105. Vineyard Girl

    Good Product…Will purchase again when necessary.

  106. Denise Marion

    Facile d’entretien. Sauve de l’espace et frigo reste toujours propre.

  107. MEP

    Item arrived in perfect condition and exactly as described. A nice way to contain and organize clutter within the fridge

  108. Amazon Customer

    I really like them. I just find the handles a bit weak. I won’t put too many cans in for fear of breaking them.

  109. Manning

    Pretty good product. Very good quality and make the refrigerator organized. just a little expensive though based on the sizes.

  110. Lisa

    Appear to be of good quality and are quite usable, but definitely not stackable as described. I was hoping for something stackable!!

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