Large Fridge Storage Bins with Handles – BPA Free High Quality Clear Plastic Storage Racks Set of 2,4,6,8

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Large Fridge Storage Bins with Handles STACKABLE & NON-SLIPPERY – Unlike other organizers in the market, JinaMart storage containers are STACKABLE!! You can easily put them all together and make extra space in your cabinet.

Set of 2,4,6,8 Kitchen Storage Bins | Stackable Refrigerator Organizers

✅ Transparent Design
✅Practical Storage
✅Portable $ Stackable Design
✅Great Gift Ideas
✅Perfect Size



Large Fridge Storage Bins with Handles for Freezers Kitchen Countertops Cabinets Food- Set of 2,4,6,8

TRANSPARENT DESIGN: The attractive clear plastic design makes it easy to see what is stored and find your items quickly. These non-slippery plastic organizer bins are easy to see into making them perfect as kitchen cabinet top containers. The practical, integrated handles facilitate the removal and flexible movement of the kitchen storage units. These clear fridge organizers and storage bins are made of durable BPA and Chlorine free shatter-resistant plastic.
PRACTICAL STORAGE: This large refrigerator organizer bin is ideal for storing frozen and packaged vegetables, ice cream, pudding snacks, school lunches, baking supplies, pantry, drinks, and juice boxes, cold or dry foods, canned goods, wellness items, store vitamin bottles, medicine, aspirin, band-aids. This organizer bin for the fridge is not limited to home use only but can also fit well in offices, factories, restaurants for proper management of the products being dealt with.
PORTABLE AND STACKABLE DESIGN: The organizer for the fridge is easy to transport thanks to its integrated handles that provide easy grip to transfer from fridge to table. These stackable storage bins for refrigerators can be effortlessly stacked upon one another to make a space-sparing capacity framework anywhere in your kitchen. These versatile storage boxes can be used in any room of the home; Great for keeping small items organized and easy to find. Use them in the bedroom, bathroom.
GREAT GIFT IDEA: This refrigerator organizer bins set of 8 can be the best gift for your friends, family, office employee, and your loved ones on the occasion of Christmas, Thanksgiving, Good Friday, and New Year. These fridge organizer bins include two wide, two standard organizers – a perfect size for keeping soda, juice boxes, large and small items.
PERFECT SIZE: These stackable storage bins for refrigerators are specially designed to keep your things properly and their perfect size is suitable to store all your kitchen needs.

STACKABLE & NON-SLIPPERY: Unlike other organizers in the market, JinaMart storage containers are STACKABLE!! You can easily put them all together and make extra space in your cabinet.

ACCESSIBLE WITH CLEAR DESIGN: Easy access pull-out containers are an ideal choice for a fridge, freezer, pantry, drawer and more. Save time and difficulty of looking for things, clear design helps you to know what has been left back of your fridge. Save time and difficulty in looking for things.

EASY TO CLEAN & DURABLE DESIGN: Simply wipe the odor-resistant kitchen storage organization bins with a damp cloth to effectively remove food particles and leave your fridge nice and fresh. Please do not put them in Dishwasher. Always stay healthy by putting your food in JinaMart BPA-free storage containers.

PERFECT SIZE: We know you have options here and we want to make your choice the easiest one.



JinaMart Fridge, pantry, office bins organizer The best solution for more additional space

Jinamart refrigerator Organizer Stackable Bins, Set of 4 is the ideal storage solution for your refrigerator, pantry, or anywhere you need additional storage. Ideal sized to fit fruits, vegetables,  yogurts, canned goods, food packets, cheese, meat, also good for storing dry goods in the pantry.

  • ✅ create more storage
  • ✅ perfect for all food and non-food items
  • ✅ visible and accessible
  • ✅ BPA Free
  • ✅ stackable to create more storage
  • ✅ built to last
  • ✅ shatter-resistant
  • ✅ non-slip texture

Office organizer
It helps to keep your place neat and organized and makes tables, offices conveniently accessible, and saves shelf space.

  • ✅ Easy to carry handles
  • ✅ Easy to care
  • ✅ Easy to access content
  • ✅ Easy for everyday use
  • ✅ Easy to wash
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2 pcs, 4 pcs, 6 pcs, 8 pcs

18 reviews for Large Fridge Storage Bins with Handles – BPA Free High Quality Clear Plastic Storage Racks Set of 2,4,6,8

  1. Avatar of Alyssa


    Just what I wanted
    I bought these to organize my refrigerator. With meat, veggies and soda in its own bin it no longer gets pushed to the back of the refrigerator and forgotten. They seem to be very durable and sturdy. I like the pull tab on one end for easy access. They should be easy enough to clean. As I just started using them I gave them 4 stars. After a while of using them I’ll review my review and adjust my rating. But for now if you are looking for a inexpensive way to organize your refrigerator or pantry I would recommend these.

  2. Avatar of KimmyD


    Happy with the product!
    I liked the durability and the sturdiness of the product. Well done and a great organization for any place kitchen.

    I use them in my refrigerator and my cabinets. I love them!

  3. Avatar of RebRam


    Fit my counter depth fridge
    So happy with these!! Just got a new counter depth fridge. These fit great. Keep my fridge organized. Haven’t had any spills, but I’m hoping any spills will be contained in these bins and not spread everywhere.

  4. Avatar of Kevin


    Great product
    Very trustworthy with its strength even when full of gatorades etc.

  5. Avatar of Kevin


    Awesome deal and exceptional service!
    Love this set! It gave me plenty of options to organize our fridge. It is very durable and was a great deal! We had a slight issue with one of the containers arriving cracked but Danny took care of it immediately and shipped us a replacement. Can’t ask for better service than that!

  6. Avatar of Ponce


    I absolutely love these fridge bins. They’re even better than I expected. Very sturdy and wipe clean

  7. Avatar of WanMen


    Great organization product
    I’m organized! There’s a place for everything. These are sturdy and fit together nicely. I may but more for my cupboards.

  8. Avatar of Gial M.

    Gial M.

    Easy to clean.
    I love this product a lot

  9. Avatar of Kalumbia


    Pretty and functional organization!
    I love these bins! They keep everything organized and are easy to clean. Last week, my youngest spilled juice and cleaning it up was the easiest. I pulled out the one bin the spill was in and didn’t have to touch the rest of the fridge. They are sturdy and made of heavy duty plastic so I don’t worry about them breaking any time soon. Not to mention, they look great! I got so many compliments from family on Thanksgiving about how clean and organized our fridge looked!

  10. Avatar of OpenSky


    Excellent Quality
    We purchased this set because our new refrigerator didn’t have as many drawers as our last. These storage boxes are very high quality, very thick plastic material, and even have little ledges on them so the sit even with the edge of the shelf. They also have pull handles which make for quick and easy access. I’d buy again in a heartbeat. One of my favorite Amazon purchases ever.

  11. Avatar of Samantha Flores

    Samantha Flores

    Organizers are my friends!
    Love to organize! Love the clear storage!

  12. Avatar of Candress


    Recomendado el producto trae 4
    Son pequeñas, pero funcionan muy bien el paquete trae 4 y cabe más o menos una libra de cada cosa.

  13. Avatar of Livy


    OCD satisfaction guaranteed!
    Great organizer for refrigerators

  14. Avatar of RZ


    Good set. Came in perfect shape.
    The box came in roughshape, but the containers were pristine. The example picture is a big deceptive, I bought this set because I thought it came with a soda dispenser…it does not. However, the other listed picture clearly shows what in the box. I saw on here people didn’t think they stack, but they do stack. You have to flip the top one the other direction and settle it just so, not the most secure, but probably fine. I didn’t buy them for that. The egg container does have a lid, but the bottom doesn’t seem as clear as the other pieces… but perhaps it’s lighting. Overall, solid set. I think it’s a bit pricey at $35, but it’s close in price to other sets on here. Maybe cheaper in a store, but who goes shopping at stores these days?

  15. Avatar of Iris


    Very useful
    Love them perfect for my fridge everything looks organized

  16. Avatar of James Saunders

    James Saunders

    Reasonable price, high quality product
    100% recommended.

  17. Avatar of Ericka A.

    Ericka A.

    Organization Must have
    absolutely ingenious way to organize the love the egg containers..stackable.
    One person found this helpful

  18. Avatar of Ashley


    Must buy for your fridge / freezer
    WONDERFUL product for the fridge! We recently moved and I wanted something to organize our fridge and to keep it from getting messy.

    These are perfect for that. I also use mine to organize fresh produce and it has helped me
    Not waste as much food as I can see everything easily and it’s not lost at the bottom
    Of the drawer !

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