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Wholesale Large Stretch Sofa Slipcover


☑️Size of Sofa best for this slipcover up to: 71″ x 91″

☑️ SUPERIOR FABRIC MATERIAL: JinaMart sofa cover is made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex that makes a sofa cover stretchy and durable. it is double stitched and high stretch without getting deformed.

☑️ GREAT FIT & PROTECTOR: these sofa covers are soft and convenient and eco-friendly. A perfect fit for your large-sized sofa. It can easily fit into a Large-size sofa. Sofa Cover Size (Large): (71″ x 91″)

☑️ COMFORT AND STYLE: the JinaMart couch cover will make your life easy. you sit on the sofa and you have your remotes, magazines, anything you need right beside you in the pockets. Our sofa cover comes with two cushions and two pockets on the sides

☑️ PACKAGE INCLUDES: one piece of slipcover with pockets on the sides, two cushions in a variety of colors that match with any decoration. it’s easy to install, check the installation guide, it can be finished in less than 8 minutes.

☑️ EASY CARE: Machine washable for easy care and maintenance, separately in machine washable cold water on the gentle cycle, please do not use bleach and iron for sofa cover.

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JINAMART Large Stretch Sofa Slipcover could help protect your furniture from the daily tear, spills, stains, and any dust.

It is a great choice for homes with children and pets, or if you just want a fresh new look for your furniture. The stretchy fabric and elastic band design create a clean crisp look and slip-resistant. Made of high-quality materials, it’s available in a variety of color options to suit your decorating needs. Plus, it’s machine washable.

JinaMart Large Stretch Sofa Slipcover is made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex that makes the sofa cover stretch and durable. It is double stitched and has high stretch and is made to protect your furniture without getting deformed.

These sofa covers are soft and comfortable. Easy to slip on the sofa without any struggle. They have elastic bottom and they stay in place without slipping.

JinaMart couch slipcovers are designed to suit your style. They can be changed every season or on every special occasion. Get a new furniture protector.

No one likes to lose the remote while watching your favorite sport, TV show or while playing video games. Yet it always happens! Our couch covers have two side pockets. Store your TV and Gaming Remote right next to you and never lose them again!

Wash Instruction
Machine washable for easy care and maintenance, separately in machine washable cold water on the gentle cycle, please do not use bleach and iron for sofa cover.

Furniture Protector Anti-Slip Elastic Sofa Covers

JinaMart’s sofa covers are: Made of durable and gentle 85% polyester and 15% spandex knitted jacquard fabric, softly rich and textured High stretch and craftsmanship make this sofa covers perfect fit for most sizes, practical for your room décor Easy to put on and off, just tuck the fabric into the gap between the back and sitting area to get refresh visual effect Not only functional to protect your furniture from dirt but also is a home artist to transform an old, worn-out couch into the stunning of your room A must-have for homes. This Large Stretch Sofa Slipcover protects your furniture from stains, wear, and tear while offering up a fresh aesthetic.


Chair, Large, Loveseat, X-large


Beige, Black, Blue, Blue & White Porcelain, Brown, Burgundy Red, Chocolate, Dark Grey, Grey, Navy Blue, Peacock Blue, Red, Sage, Sand, White

93 reviews for Wholesale Large Stretch Sofa Slipcover

  1. Alex

    It is soft and stretch, but not waterproof.I m afraid my dog pee on it.

  2. Prairie Girl

    I love everything about this couch cover. The material is soft, doesn’t pill and very easy to clean. The only thing is I have to keep tucking it back into the couch but that’s minor compared to all the positives. I would buy again

  3. Amazon Customer

    Definitely a slightly different colour than the one shown, I ordered mustard but it looks almost exactly like the beige example. It’s still a really pretty colour, the fit was fantastic, and I only rated it 4 stars for “easy to install” because it takes some playing with to get it to sit right. The only reason I gave it 4 stars overall is because the foam pieces to keep it in place are essentially useless. It needs something heavier like wood or plastic to keep the cover in place. For the price and the quality, it’s a great product. Made our old furniture look brand new, love it.

  4. JoMerc

    I returned this as changed my mind but well made.

  5. Irma Jackson

    Our dogs love to lay on the covers. They are easy to install, remove, wash and install again.Very happy with the colour, material and price.

  6. Kendall Hilsabeck

    I got this to go over a big three-seater leather couch. It’s very stretchy and fits the couch really snug after its on. I do have to adjust the foam bars every few days but it takes 20 seconds of my time. It made the old couch look much much better. Everything else I looks at was much more expensive, I got this on sale for $49cad. Would recommend to anyone looking for a quick cheap option to liven up and old couch.

  7. AC NW

    More than accepted product. Would have been nice it included more strips for anchoring.

  8. Hope Kids

    It was easy to put on the couch, it took minutes. It would have been great to get more foam pieces to avoid the material from sliding but then again my couch is faux leather.

  9. Harneet

    Material is really good, easy to remove and install. Pillow covers are little small and very hard to put on, it should be little big. The only thing that I did not like is the white foam sticks keeps on coming out when you sit on sofa.

  10. Nana

    The cover didn’t fit. It was too big and was a big mess after being sat in. I gave it away, chair and all.

  11. Julie Gall

    good product for the money

  12. Heather

    cover a old sofa give the room a different look

  13. Donnie

    The cover is exactly as described, arrived as promised and looks great! We had it put on our couch in about 5 min, couldn’t quite figure out what it meant by “label to the back” but quickly sorted that out, the styro foam place holders are very light for a couch that is used constantly but we have kids. We get a lot of compliments on the covers. If you are looking for a change but don’t want to buy a new couch this would be a great alternative, easy to wash. We are very happy with this product.

  14. Marie P

    I purchased this slip cover for a 1 1/2 seat chair. It worked well for this oversize chair (it is a little big but still works). Easy to put on.

  15. Ken Chowen

    A little bit for my couch but can always tuck more in. Brown is fairly light but closer to a dark brown then other similaire products.

  16. Celeste Viskovic

    Only had it a brief time, but so far it’s great. Our love seat is a bit different from most, so there was extra material but easily fixed with tucking in. I do wish it had more styrofoam rods.

  17. William Harten

    The stretch elastic couch cover fit my couch right out of the package like it was made for it.I could not ask for a better fit or look.

  18. Janice Barber

    I was worried it wasn’t going to fit, however it fits perfectly! Nice and soft too!

  19. Karin Bergeron

    The cat likes it too.Now all her facebook followers will want one too.Really, I love the idea of changing the lk of the livingroom.

  20. Darren’s Mrs

    Updated review 2021:I bought another red for my other couch and im glad i did. I love it!!! 🥰😍😍It slips but it is bcuz my couch is a leather u just need to fix after using the couch. I also attached picture of my couch in red. So Enjoy viewing! 😄The blue color i really love so it’s 101% for that even no rating for color.😄 It fits well in my couch 100%. As u can see i attached my couch picture. I just put this cover last night so i don’t know the water resistant yet that’s why i put 4 stars, but when it comes to softness it’s really soft and great to hang out(my husband’s new sanctuary now 🙄arghh..). Easy to install as there’s a guide from the package of the cover even without any said back or front but u can easily figure out. I like the idea of 4 foamy lock to keep it intact. And the pillowcase matches to the cover but i have to buy the small size.Overall 👍🏼 i love it!!! 😂❤️

  21. E

    I really like this cover. It is soft, easy to put on and protects well. The only reason for a 4 star and not a 5, is it has to be adjusted each time you sit or lay on it. Not a big deal but I wish there was a way to hold it better on the couch. I can say my couch looks way better than it did with this cover.

  22. debbie p.

    Easy to install

  23. Brigitte

    Les petits boudins de mousse ressortent toujours

  24. Joanne Clark

  25. Sharon

    Happy with the product.

  26. roxane

    Il est bien par contre si vous avez un animal ou des enfants, le seul moyen d’enlever les miettes ou poils c’est de passer à la machine… mais il est vraiment bien sinon!

  27. Client d’Amazon

    Protection pour le poils de chat lavable bon prixBeau look !

  28. pmm

    I was very pleased with the quality. Soft and stretchy material. Easy to put on as well and covered my loveseat very well. I found the gray color to be a little blue looking. I would order this again for my bigger couch.

  29. Ante Kumanovic

    Très satisfait.

  30. Talha Tabish

    I bought a few of these in different sizes for my living room and they look great. The product is made well and does a great job of protecting my couches and allowing me to sit on them comfortably as well.I’m mainly leaving this review because one of the covers i ordered came with a tear in the fabric, i contacted the seller and they immediately sent me a replacement. the customer service was great and they took action very quickly.i don’t usually leave reviews but thought it was worth it for this.

  31. tony

    I didn’t like the texture of the material

  32. Asif

    Good quality product but slippery. The cover moves around.

  33. Rebecca

    it fits pretty well, it took a little effort to get it on there the right way but its working great. Helps protect the couch from my cat and spreading repaired rips.

  34. Ryatt

    The material is nice and soft. It’s really stretchy. It was a pain to put on though. I put it on by myself so it may be easier with help. I also didn’t realize until after I had got it that it’s not meant to fit my type of chair. This cover is meant for a chair where the arms meet the end of the cushion. It works for the T-shaped cushion chairs, like mine is, but I had to tuck the rest of the cover in between the end of the arm and the T-shaped cushion.My biggest issue with it is that the foam pieces it comes with to help the product stay tucked in suck.

  35. Diana

    Pretty good. It obviously doesn’t perfectly fit ALL types of couches (it’s a little big on the top of my 1-seat couch), but it still fits well and covers well too. It’s very soft, and looks nice. I took a little bit of time trying to figure out what end goes where, but not that hard to find. All in all, pretty good!

  36. Shawn Prevost

    Fit couch very well but the sponge rollers that hold it down are always popping out and have to be replaced everytime you sit down.

  37. Stacet

    C’est vraiment en bon produit, bonne variété de couleurs. Il faut bien mesurée le sofa

  38. Jo

    Bought these because my loveseat was a hand-me-down and quite stained and outdated. I love how much stretch they have. Obviously they are designed to fit a “standard” shape, but the stretch is enough to wrap the bigger cushions and the extra can be tucked away pretty easily. The “non-slip” foam pieces are handy, but they pop out pretty easily after use and after being tucked in for a while, they compress and don’t work as well.They do not come with a tag to show which direction they go on, so it takes a minute to figure out which end is which.Overall, they work well and fit snug on awkward sizes. I would likely buy more if I needed to.

  39. Tommie Howell

    Really liked these. Our couch are hand me downs from someone who had a cat who scratched up the arms. We had a grey couch colour from another seller that was very similar to this one but more expensive. We liked them but we just painted and the grey didn’t match with our walls.Ordered these and me and my 8 year old son put them on easily.The foam rollers they send are smaller than ones I have received in the past. Been using couch covers long enough to know the rollers NEVER work so I didn’t even bother to try with them.Happy with the product. Was a great price and the pillow covers were a great bonus. They were small but I was able to squeeze my pillows in them. I have more coming from another website so these will be just fine until those ones arrive. 🙂🤘🏻✌🏻

  40. Cdn Momma

    FoamRods are supposed to keep it looking smooth and tidy but they keep coming out so the cover looks messy. Still it’s better than what my couch looks like so I’m relatively happy with it

  41. Lois Spencer

    Liked the color and feel of it.

  42. Benny Escafloné

    Cover work fantastic but they sent me the wrong colour so I’m having to return the one I bought and order the desired colour again

  43. Célyne Ducharme

    De très belle qualité par contre, il devrait y avoir des sangles ou attaches qui passent en dessous pour que ça tienne encore mieux.

  44. lisa

    I have two dogs and wanted to protect the couch. It ripped a day or two after having it on but it didn’t fit 100%. Also the olive green is definitely just gray lol.

  45. Shane Vanes


  46. Angela E. Reis

    Perfect fit for my three seat sofa. Sofa looks fresh and tidy. Love the styrofoam rolls for a perfect fit and the additional pillow covers. Very happy with my purchase, may have to get another color for variety

  47. Jim Moreland

    The fit is very good. Now we don’t have to buy a new couch.

  48. H Gauvreau

    la couleur suggérée n’est pas ce que j’ai reçu, c’est beaucoup plus pâle, ce n’est pas marine mais bleu ciel ! je ne l’ai pas retourné car je n’avais pas le choix.

  49. avery mcnulty

    Great over a fabric couch updates the look and helps prevent messes on real couch easy to clean. Just pull off wash add back on. I have this on in my living room and i have one on my couch in the game room, the game room couch is leather and this cover constantly slips off the leather would only reconmend for a fabric couch.

  50. Nyxx

    We used this for our three seater Cozey couch, the cello one. It fits mostly great, even though it’s meant for a couch with a back (VS removable pillows). I’m very happy with it, especially for the price. It’s does pop out on one corner from being tucked from time to time but nothing that bugs us much.

  51. Jay

    Bought this to cover out couches for when my daughters dogs come over to protect our furniture. They are ok a little cumbersome to put on. There should be a label front and back. The foam tubes that are to tuck in the cracks of the couch to keep the cover tucked in pop out. They are useless Soft material but thin. Wash like a rag

  52. Teressa Muglia

    It was a bit of a puzzle to get on and keeping it tucked properly. I would tell ppl it’s great and worth it. Soft and a perfect colour

  53. Emilie

    Fits a little tight our 89 inch long sofa (bought the Large one which should fit up to 91 inches). The Medium one fits better our loveseat. Really soft. Navy blue is really navy blue. We’ll see how long it lasts, but it seems easy to wash in the machine.

  54. Miriam Reichel

    Not sure why so many people are complaining about this being see through, my guess is they bought a size too small and overstretched it. It fits perfectly after the measurements given, and not see through at all. Feels really nice, easy to install. My only complaint is the armrests don’t look very nice, because there’s no way to get the fabric to sit nicely and flush like in the picture. This is likely because couches come in many different shapes, so the generalized shape of the cover will only work perfectly in some cases. Still love it, though!

  55. Fiona Beland-Quest

    After dealing with tries and blankets….these easy care covers have allowed me to balance my love of my fur babies and my love of a clean couch

  56. Little apple

    I have already bought it once, the first time it was a two-seater sofa. I felt very satisfied and wrote a good comment to seller. Then I bought this product again for my three-seat sofa Matching colors , but I didn’t expect it to have a very large color difference. The color of the three-seater sofa Like the color after being bleached and washed, I suspect that the color given to me was used after someone else returned it. Very shabby. Very disappointed with this attitude of the merchant this time. Please do return

  57. Saif Rahman

    Hi, I only got this product 2 days ago. I am happy with it so far :). Its fits to size. Its stretchable. I wish went with grey color though, as black is getting dirty quite fast.

  58. Trish

    The slipcover was exactly the color I expected it to be. It arrived on time and was easy to use. I’m very please with the product. Thank you.

  59. Tressa

    The cover fits my 3 person couch great. I have a leather couch and the foam pieces that you shove to keep the cover from moving don’t work on leather couches. We find they come out almost as soon as you sit down no matter how far we try to shove them down. My cat also has found joy in taking them out to play with them. Besides that it looks good and works great and for the price I’m happy!


    As I unwrapped the package, I noticed that there is hole. I am disappointed,but I have no time to return the product because I need to cover my sofas.

  61. maimuna taal

    Happy with product

  62. Candy Katuski

    I don’t really have anything I dislike, might have been able to get a way with a smaller sofa size, but not that important.Fabric is very soft, and comes with a great amount of stretch, but still stays in placeLove how it made my set go from bland and maybe even dated to sleek, fresh and modern.

  63. Heather Legary

    I got 3 covers in 2 colours, brown and chocolate. The two chocolates are on the matching sofa and chair, and the brown is on an older love seat in a different style. The covers help to bring the room together, allowing for the different styles of furniture. We plan to keep the covers on to protect them from our grandson’s “cheese puff fingers” and take the sofa and chair covers off (only) when adult company comes over. The love seat would not fit in the room without the cover. The brown cover blends in well with the actual upholstery of our sofa and chair (without the covers). They were all easy to put on and they will be easy to remove, wash, and replace as necessary.

  64. Julie

    I don’t know how to fit my cushion into that tiny sham, especially these two are not even the same size. It is not fresh new, smells dirty, not keeping it, keeping searching.

  65. Joy Giovannetti

    Super easy to put on

  66. Terrol Rogers

    This is easy to install , “if” you read the one instruction that says to have the label at the back right of the couch. Then the rest just follows. I found it easier , also, if I did it by myself with no one trying to ” help” and tug corners in the wrong direction. It didn’t fit my couch perfectly , but certainly freshened it up. I loved the colour and got compliments on it.The foam rollers that are to be tucked in behind the cushions are usless. They just kept popping out and getting in the way. Works fine with out them. Good purchace !

  67. wagma

    I ordered 3 in different sizes but same color so they can be a part of a set and 1 of them is a completely lighter color than the other 2! They’re all marked to be the same color (grey) so im not sure why 1 is much lighter than the other 2 but now they wont even be matching!!

  68. Ainsley Grant

    I must admit I was a bit sceptical but this cover exceeded my expectations. It fits well and is super soft and stretchy and it stays in place even when someone sits on it. I purchased this cover to protect our off white sofa from doggy wear and tear and this will do the trick and be easy to wash. It’s a bit confusing to get on the first time but easy after you figure it out. Really happy with this purchase.

  69. Amazon Customer

    I bought the black slip cover for my love seat, but it didn’t sit well on the top, but I also ordered for my mom’s love seat and it fits nicely. I returned mine, she kept hers. The sizes of both love seats were within the suggested measurements. I also returned two other colours for my mom to choose from and it was a very easy process. Mind you, I returned in person because Jinamart isn’t too far from where I live, who knew. Great customer service! Great experience! Refund within 2-3 days. Thank you!

  70. Tanya Bottrill

    Didn’t think this would work at all but it certainly did. Thinking of ordering the same in a different colour I’m so pleased.

  71. David Yabar Meono

    Perfect fit! I like it very much!

  72. Mhay

    I love it, I just bought one first to see how it woud fit and it doesn’t disappoint me. Im going to order another one for my other sofa. the color of the cover is just like in the ad, my picture doesn’t do justice maybe because of the light reflection outside making it look like gray but its really blue like it said. super soft and good fabric quality

  73. Dawn carter


  74. Lisa Hodges

    I ordered the XL for my low profile couch. It was a bit big but tucked in easily. My couch is leather so I placed some rug under pad on the seat underneath the cover to reduce sliding. It is very comfortable and has protected the couch from my dogs. Washed well and has not pilled after months of use. There was no tag that indicated the back of the cover so once I had it in place I used a sharpie to write on the elastic. It can be challenging to get the pet fur off but otherwise it suits our needs. Looking to buy the matching cover for our love seat

  75. Bégin Françoise

    Toujours satisfait de nos achats. Merci

  76. Gevo

    Look awesome when first set up but do age. Loss elastic over time

  77. Amazon Customer

    These are really nice covers and quite stretchable. We bought a velvet sofa so had to use covers because of 3 dogs. I bought beige color and it looks good. It takes a while to get your head around it but if you keep the blue label at the right back side of your couch then you can start making sense. It does feel like a cover though as it has creases and stretches in the corners but very helpful to protect your couch.

  78. Pamela Tennant

    It fit , decent quality,Using to cover his a bed to protect from pet.

  79. Johanne Mc Clish

    Redonne une deuxième vie a mon petit fauteuil que mes chats ont griffé. maintenant avec cette housse je leurs pardonne.

  80. Rupinderjit bala

    Good product

  81. Mags

    The quality is very good. Fit reasonably well. Had to keep instructions on how to put on after I wash. Definitely makes my old couch look better but really holds the pet hair! Lol.

  82. Nicole L Howells

    This came quickly and fit on my futon with arms quite well.

  83. Amazon Customer


  84. Amazon Customer

    Works good. Not quite big enough. There could be more measurement limits than just width. The loveseat cover fits better

  85. watch1354

    Product is great on sofa, I ordered another for love seat is on the way 🙂. Very soft and protects the sofa perfectly. Now, our cute kitten can’t scratch our sofa anymore 🙂.Also, I am totally satisfied with their amazing customer service, very fast, polite and satisfactory.

  86. hala

    Good quality, good service and more choice’s colours. One thing is the two pillow’s covers are too small so I could not use it.

  87. Aziz Loku

    Softness and elasticity to suits various sizes.

  88. MIMI

    Easy to put on and off. Great for seniors who love to make changes on their own.Easy to clean.

  89. Krysta

    Fit perfectly but the little foam pieces to keep it tucked in kept popping out. Ours was a old couch so we cut the bottom of the couch and used a staple gun to Secure a long piece of wood to keep it tucked in. It works great now.

  90. Elaine

    I liked the material and stretch of it. I disliked finding it hard to put on. There was supposed to be a tag with back on t but there wasn’tFinally figured it out and it looks great

  91. Dennis

    Basically, as advertised.

  92. Amazon Customer

    Looks great,very soft

  93. Amazon Customer

    A bit too small

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