JinaMart Stackable Wine Storage Rack 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 pcs

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☑️ THOUGHTFULLY SIZED: Each Measures 7.87″ x 3.93″ x 3.93″ – high and 1.1 pounds – weight.

☑️ STACKABLE STORAGE: Each rack holds up to one wine bottles or bottled beverages for organized fridge & kitchen countertops, tables, pantries, cupboards, dining rooms; Bottles are stored horizontally in individual compartments
☑️ JinaMart wine holder is made of durable BPA and Chlorine free shatter-resistant plastic, using cleverly carved Plastic, this wine rack will provide long-lasting use while adding a touch of class to any interior setting
☑️ Gently display up to two bottles of your favorite vintages anywhere in your home. This wine rack displays your wine bottles for easy identification and retrieval, while storing them in the preferred horizontal position to keep corks moist.
☑️ Easy to grab: Stack to create vertical storage to help maximize your space – use on the counter or in the fridge for perfectly chilled drinks; Ideal wine rack stand for smaller kitchens or for attractive, space saving storage on your wine bar
☑️ Free Standing Organizer for Refrigerator or Kitchen Countertops

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STACKABLE STORAGE: Each rack holds up to one wine bottles or bottled beverages for organized fridge & kitchen countertops, tables, pantries, cupboards, dining rooms; Bottles are stored horizontally in individual compartments

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23 reviews for JinaMart Stackable Wine Storage Rack 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 pcs

  1. Avatar of Alec


    Perfect pantry wine rack.
    These were exactly what we were looking for since we don’t drink much red wine. They are sturdy and I love that they are clear.

  2. Avatar of Matthias


    Maximizes Refrigerator Space
    Love these … they maximize refrigerator space and keep the wine bottles from rolling around. Good price, well made, easy to clean. I would order again.

  3. Avatar of Raye


    Organize your fridge
    Great way to keep your fridge organized. Comes in a set of two . Great value , nice product. I liked it so much I placed a second order . Highly recommend!

  4. Avatar of Julie


    I have a set of these in every refrigerator I own!
    These stackable trays not only accomodate wine, it works great for any of your taller round bottled items from milk, juice, and seltzer to wine! You’ll be surprised by how much room you have in the refrigerator once you install them.

  5. Avatar of Christina


    Perfect and stackable!
    They work perfectly! I love that I can make sure of vertical space, it also matches the other fridge organizers I have.

  6. Avatar of John


    if stacked top unit may move
    overall a nice product length is good so bottles are easy to remove. good space saver
    stacking taps could be longer

  7. Avatar of Zane


    Nice but don’t drop it!!!
    I dropped one of the sections . It chipped a corner of the front support so it is not sturdy. 2 sections fit together well but the other 2 are wobbly because I dropped it and it broke. My fault and I’m sorry it isn’t as secure as the undismayed set.

  8. Avatar of Liliana


    Exactly what I needed
    I had an expensive wine cooler that stopped working. It was a gift so I could not return it. This rack allows me to keep two bottles cold in my fridge without taking up a lot of space. They actually look really pretty in my fridge.
    If I had more fridge space, I would buy another one. Highly recommend.

  9. Avatar of Poppet


    Wine saver.
    o nice not to have my wine bottles rolling around in the fridge. Now I have to buy more wine lol

  10. Avatar of Rachel


    stack and rack??
    splurged on a mini refrig for beverage storage and wanted to keep the horizontal bottles from rolling and crashing into each other. these fit the refrig dimensions well. not able to stack because of the rack height designed for stacking. would likely work in a regular refrig.

  11. Avatar of Paloma


    Solid Product
    Looks great, sturdy, and worth the money. It looks and feels better than the pictures. It is made out of very good and expensive material. I am ordering another set.

  12. Avatar of Amanda


    Space saver
    Awesome…….I ordered 2.
    I love that I no longer loose unused space in my fridge. I highly recommend.

  13. Avatar of Graham


    Great for use in refrigerator
    I bought this to use in my refrigerator to keep wine chilled. It makes great use of otherwise wasted space. Holds some (but not all) champagne bottles as well regular wine bottles.

    The only drawback I found was that the two pieces stack well but don’t snap together so when removing a bottle sometimes the holder slides loose as well. But not a big problem.

  14. Avatar of Ana


    Easy to Assemble
    Very easy to assemble and it saves me space. I like the quality of it and is clean and I can get easily see my bottles through.

  15. Avatar of Ada


    This is sturdier than I thought. I’ve bough fridge organizers in the past and was disappointed at the quality of the product. This plastic product is sturdy so far. It requires no assembly. Loving it so far! Only problem: I don’t think it needs to be this expensive!

  16. Avatar of Piper


    Very useful item
    My refrigerator has wire racks (no solid shelves). This makes storing wine bottles a little precarious, especially if the wine bottles are skinny as some desert wines are. Also, in order to store a corked wine on it’s side (especially when there are multiple bottles) it takes up a lot of room. This storage unit solves the problem. It’s stable, even on my wire rack shelves. It’s sturdy enough to hold the weight of full bottles and the stacking saves space. I thought they were a little pricey for plain plastic, but they do the job, so I’m happy.

  17. Avatar of Spankey


    Very Nice!
    not much to say, does what it’s supposed to. Quality piece of plastic, makes inside much neater!!

  18. Avatar of Louise


    Exactly what I wanted
    I bought 4 of these to turn a book case shelf into a wine rack. I measured the height of the shelf carefully and it all fit. This was an inexpensive way to have something that looks organized.

  19. Avatar of Melody


    Wine is finally organized in my refrigerator
    I have wine that was taking up too much space in my fridge. Now that it is stacked, it works a lot better! Plus, the wine bottles would roll around on my glass shelf and drive me crazy. No more rolling bottles and now there is room for more food! The holders are plastic, but seem pretty durable.

  20. Avatar of Celine


    Great purchase
    Great purchase! Helps keep the refrigerator shelves clear, and the wine bottles in place.

  21. Avatar of Donovan


    Great design for wine drinkers whose refrigerator has minimal “tall shelf” space.
    This purchase will be a Christmas gift for my daughter and son-in-law. They recently purchased a new bone, and my daughter wants the kitchen and refrigerator to be “more organized” moving forward.

  22. Avatar of Beckett


    Good horizontal storage for bottles!
    I have a beverage fridge in a basement ‘bar’. The shelves are set up for beer, of course, some for bottles and some for cans which is what the fridge is for. Well, I like to have a mixed cocktail once in a while and use mixers… whiskey sour or pina colada etc… those mixer bottles are too tall, if I adjust the shelves so they fit, I loose an entire shelf for cans… (not as much capacity). This holder fits the ticket for sure! Now I take up the width of the bottle, but not the height. Love it, easy to clean, holds the bottles great and most of all, it does the job. I would get it again!

  23. Avatar of Samara


    Practical space savers
    These fridge wine racks are wonderful for chilling your favorite wine. Stores the wine perfectly on its side while keeping it from rolling over fridge shelves. A space saver. Glad I bought two!!

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