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Jinamart Refrigerator Organizer Bins Pop Soda Can Dispenser (12oz, Wide) Beverage Holder for Fridge, Freezer, Kitchen, Countertops, Cabinets – Clear Plastic Canned Food Pantry Storage Rack


  • 【Durable Design】: Made of strong clear plastic material. Lightweight and easy to carry. BPA-free. Chlorine-free.
  • 【Product Size (34×16.8×15.3cm) – Fits upto 6 Inch tall Cans Horizontally】: Convenient for kitchen pantry cupboard, closet, craft room, laundry, utility room, bathroom, RV, camper, etc
  • 【Clear View】: Quickly see what’s stored inside. Save time and hassle of searching through a cluttered refrigerator, freezer, or pantry cabinet. Easily group items by use, size, or type
  • 【Multi-Purpose】 — Holds soda, beer, tea, sports drinks, yogurts, canned goods, drink boxes, juices, canned fruits and veggies. Versatile refrigerator organization, soda fridge organizer, soda tray, can dispenser, soda accessories, soda shelf
  • 【Care Instructions】: Clean by hand — Not suitable for dishwasher
  • 【Read this Before you Buy】: Sometimes when you use different size cans together they get stuck. This product is only for 12 Oz tall cans. This holder is a little wider. Total number of cans it can fit depends on slim and wide cans.


This holder can store and organize all types of cans, including soda, pop, beer, tea, drinks, soup, pet food cans and fruits and all other types of cans drinks and food. It can also be used for de-cluttering your fridge, pantry, kitchen, shelves, countertop, drawers, and cupboards. Not just for cans, it can be used to store all the small items that cause mess and clutter in your space.



Jinamart presents Auto Rolling double decker can holder for soda, pop, beer, tea, drinks, soup, pet food cans and fruits and all other types of cans drinks and food




For Fridge, Freezer, Kitchen, Countertops, Cabinets, Canned Food Pantry Storage Rack

109 reviews for Jinamart Refrigerator Organizer Bins Pop Soda Can Dispenser (12oz, Wide) Beverage Holder for Fridge, Freezer, Kitchen, Countertops, Cabinets – Clear Plastic Canned Food Pantry Storage Rack

  1. Jose costa


  2. Darcia

    Pop cans

  3. Josée g.

    J’aime bien , très contente

  4. Tanya Tanya

    Great product so far

  5. Tanya Medina

    Great, may need another set

  6. KQ

    Very sturdy plastic. Perfect for separating the cans of pop/mix from the beer. Should have had these a long time ago – no more shuffling through cans to find “the one “ – just have to pull out the tray!

  7. Jennifer Swindle

    Love this product, helps so much with saving space in my fridge. Wish it would hold a 12 pack but it does the job!

  8. Mart2018

    The material and quality are great .Great for water. Sodas regular/mini, yogurts and much more . 3 can fit on one shelves.

  9. Amy

    I bought these because I needed to organize my fridge. These are a good size and they look really nice. Easy to stack and grab the cans.

  10. Claudine Tyrell

    Cans were everywhere in the fridge. This have given some order to the fridge.

  11. danie

    Utiliser pour canettes, gagne de l’espace et très pratique.

  12. KittyCat

    I gave these a quick wash and stacked the cans – perfect! The bottom shelf of my small 15 Cu.Ft. Fridge is deep so these bins make quick work of storing items at the back of the shelf with ease of access!

  13. mike fairbrother

    Soda in fridge

  14. Marlena Spencer

    If you like organization in your fridge to save space, these are a must buy. Comes with 2

  15. selena.n

    Love this product and it is exactly what I had in mind. It’s as easy to clean as any clear acrylic product. Fits nicely and love being able to store cans in the fridge. Would buy more from this brand!!

  16. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use

  17. Teresa Adams

    They take up less space. Very sturdy.

  18. Patricia

    Keeps cans nice and organised and dispenses them properly

  19. Amazon Customer

    I thought they were stackable. They were not. I’m sad about that. That’s why I ordered them.

  20. April Smith

    Helps keep organization to fridge and keep boxes out. Reduces clutter

  21. Natalie Bright

    Purchased several for our pantry to store canned goods! Very helpful in keeping our pantry organized!

  22. Mike Lafontaine


  23. Barbara Lucero

    Handy and easy to use

  24. churchlady

    Holds nine 12 ounce beverage cans. Easy to refill. Shorter length fits on shallow “built in” side by side shelves. A real space saver.

  25. Tania Zanger

    This product is the perfect product to keep your cams from rolling around all over your refrigerator. The only downfall is that one container does not hold a whole 12 pack, which was a little disappointing, but the product is sturdy and does the trick. Fair price point and I would definitely buy them again.

  26. ValerieB5526

    Just what we needed for soup cans , campbells

  27. Rhonda B.

    I use it to store drinks and I’m sure it could be used for much more like snacks, ketchup bottles, and much more.

  28. deschec

    Permet de ranger des canettes de façon compacte et d’y accéder rapidement.

  29. William Porter

    Easy to use in pantry

  30. AAhasteen

    Sturdy product. Easy to clean. I stack three levels easily.

  31. Amazon Customer

    Great but found them cheaper at retail

  32. Kristian Bolanos

    Great Organizer. Doesnt stack up tho but I saw that on the image. Not Dishwasher friendly so gotta wash it by hand like a normal person. You can stack 9 cans easly. But pretty sure it can go to to 12 if you have the room.

  33. Martine

    Ne roule plus partout et prend moin de place

  34. Ken

    Best fit is 9 cans. As you can see you can stack more on top or a tenth on two rows bit it’s not as stable. Would have been nice to hold a little more but I understand

  35. Amazon Customer

    Great product but too big for rv fridge

  36. Maryse C.

    Ça prend moins de place avec ces bacs pour les cannettes dans le frigo.

  37. “kar_teas”


  38. alain Ginchereau


  39. Terrel Morrison

    I love that these can hold a 12 pack of soda each.

  40. Monique

    this fit perfect and organize fridge!!!

  41. Gloria

    I use it for my daughters yoghurt drinks and our bublys. It’s worth it if you don’t have a separate bar fridge and drinks take up a shelf in your fridge like mine do 😀

  42. Wanda

    I’m all about having a product easy to clean. The fact that you can stack is great and the sturdiness of product is appreciated. I would buy again 🙂

  43. Kimberly Maitland

    Works well. Helps organize the fridge.

  44. Joshua

    Well made product, the plastic is not flimsy at all. They don’t stack which is unfortunate but they are great too have.

  45. Timothy Lees

    Works okay but not big enough to hold a 12 pack of pop which is kind of annoying.

  46. Dave

    Perfect for the fridge!

  47. Lynn Muters


  48. H. Leticia Perez

    Not sure if beer cans are different but the ones I put in (Coors Light) did not fit, maybe a different brand of can will fit, guess I must go shopping!

  49. Cindy Hodges

    Holds soda cans but not beer cans

  50. Sarah Z

    These were perfect for organizing my canned drinks in my fridge. They arrived quickly and the product matched the description as shown.

  51. L.E.

    I love these, they were a great addition to a cluttered refrigerator. They store a lot of soda cans, not so much for bottles or larger cans, but worth the money for what they are intended for.

  52. Debi

    Great sturdy product

  53. Kelly Rose

    I love these- I use them under the drawer inside my fridge that was pretty much useless space before. Never go searching for a can again!

  54. Client d’Amazon

    Répond aux attentes, de qualité!

  55. WildChild

    As expected

  56. Maisie Santiago

    Personally I don’t care for theseThey’re not stackable and for what I pd I can use the boxes the soda come in and have the same thing

  57. J. Berry

    I use this to hold soda cans in refrigerator. Each one holds nine cans as shown. The product is attractive and sturdy.

  58. Brandi Lynn

    Great organization and space saver for the fridge!

  59. Angel’Michelle Jackson

    Good item , sturdy. Not stackable the only thing I don’t like about them.

  60. Jan

    Keeps the cans in place

  61. Karen

    Great product how do you recommend it

  62. Client Kindle

    Dimension parfaite. Bonne durabilité et robustes. Facile à nettoyer.

  63. Claudia L.

    Bon produit, identique que sur les photos!

  64. Candace Huver

    They don’t stack

  65. ColoradoC

    We bought these mainly for beer. FYI, Coors light does not fit in these! We ended up using for some other things, but according to the dimensions given, Coors should have fit. Oh well, nice units for other cans.

  66. Tracey

    Quick fix for a messy drink fridge. Gave me some extra space needed. Clear plastic very sturdy

  67. Amy Wright

    These trays are great, perfect size for 355ml cans. One thing to keep in mind is it holds 9 cans, so it can’t hold a full 12 pack. For this reason I’ll be buying containers that can hold 12, but I can also reuse these containers to hold other things in my fridge.

  68. Erma

    Met expectations

  69. Lison

    I love it.

  70. José Maria Castillo Caballero

    Me sirvió para lo que necesitaba solo al final me pareció un poco elevado el precio.

  71. cheri miller

    The packaging was unreal secure. Almost overkill but I guess you can never be too careful. This product is very high quality, and once again almost too fancy for what I need. Its very nice, like I dont want to use it its so nice

  72. Angela Stroup

    4 stars only because I wish it fit a full 12 pack. Otherwise I love them.

  73. Richard Tougas

    Ces boîtes de rangement sont parfaitement adaptées à un réfrigérateur standard et sont faites de plastique résistant et sont d’entretien facile. . Facile d’accès, remplissage facile. Le prix après livraison est toutefois un peu élevé.

  74. Joy

    Very space saving

  75. Melinda Crager

    Measurements off narrower at bottom didn’t fit the cans I was trying to fit in it

  76. Dee

    Nice clean storage item for fridge. Helps with organizing! Super easy to clean!

  77. Veronique

    Vraiment utile pour ranger au frigo.

  78. John Powers

    They work fine just wish they held 12 cans instead of 9.

  79. Cthulhu Calamari

    I had to buy these because the last set I bought (from another company) melted in the dishwasher (so I wouldn’t trust these in. The machine either).It’s frustrating that these can only properly hold 10 cans. North American drinks usually come in multiples of 6, so that’s annoying.

  80. Lillian Merlin

    The media could not be loaded.

  81. Tom McGee

    I love this refrigerator organizer bin pop soda can beverage holder. It fits perfectly. In my garage refrigerator and makes it easy to store soda or beer.The product is well-made, easy to assemble, and fits perfectly in my refrigerator.I love that it is clear and easy to retrieve the drink of choice for my family and guests.These stackable bins easily hold 18 cans of refreshments in the refrigerator and are easy to retrieve.I recommend this convenient bin to family, friends, and others who wish to organize their refrigerator and keep plenty of cold refreshments on had for family and guests.Enjoy!

  82. Amberly

    Fridge space is at a premium here due to two teenage boys and a 10 year old all hitting growth spurts at once. With these to hold sodas and sparkling waters, I have more space on the door for easy access to favorites like pickles, yogurt, and jam.

  83. D.M.W.

    This did a great job of organizing the sports drinks and bottled waters that we keep in our 2nd fridge. However, I searched for stacking containers and these came up so I assumed that they would stack. I did not read the description in its entirety. They are still great but a little less durable feeling than I expected


    So efficient! and Effective. Love them.

  85. Céline


  86. Pascale

    Très pratique!

  87. F.O.N.

    Holds 10 cans easily in the fridge or elsewhere. Clear bins makes it easy to see and looks sleek.

  88. lillian

    They are nice and sturdy and fit REGULAR soda cans.

  89. don percy

    Great space saver

  90. tessa pellham

    The product fits perfectly in my fridge and it looks organized and so much easier to grab a soda

  91. Natalia Roucoulet

    Definitely worth it!! I have Beene a ring to get these for months but never felt it was ‘necessary’….. except they are!!! Recommend!!

  92. Leslie

    I bought these because we have a lot of canned drinks and I thought these would be prefect for organizing them in the fridge. They are really cute, but they don’t actually STACK. They don’t stack on each other the way I thought they would. If you want to put one on top of the other, it actually lays on top of the cans rather than the other tray.

  93. kell16

    I really like these for storing cans in the fridge. They take up little room and are very sturdy.

  94. diane

    Worth every penny and more! Love these. Saves so much room in my fridge. I would order more if I could! Sturdy well constructed.

  95. Athena

    I liked how sturdy they were and that they came on time as promised. Holds my cans of water very well.

  96. pam williams

    It serves the purpose. Not as functional as others I’ve had where they are in two layers

  97. Don Neal

    Gets rid of clutter in fridge

  98. Lorrie F.

    Keeps frig organized

  99. Mitchell Lowe

    I have a standard size fridge when it comes to width on the inside storage space and I was able to fit 4 of these on a row. Much cleaner and better look than throwing a entire 12 pack of cardboard in your fridge that’s for sure.Good buy! If you got these in your cart just buy them, they’re nice!

  100. randy Schaar

    Like it because they helpUs in organizing our home.

  101. Kerri Walker

    This was great for saving space and organizing pop in my fridge. It wiped clean nicely and has been extremely sturdy so far! Quite pleased

  102. Caroline

    Qualité prix

  103. Amber

    Easy to clean and works perfect for sodas!

  104. Leopardgirl67

    Love how shish and sexy these look in my fridge. Each one holds 9 cans but are not stackable which I don’t mind as I like having them on 2 Different levels in my fridge. Might be a bit expensive for What they are, but to me worth the price.

  105. Donna

    Works great in fridge for cans. A bit overpriced.

  106. Alicia

    Makes getting a cold can convenient. No longer have a box in my fridge. Plus it is quite a space saver.

  107. Larios fam

    they free up so much space in my fridge!

  108. VF

    I brought for use in pantry. Works great for can goods, etc.

  109. Tyler Thomas

    Good value and sturdy plastic. Fits about 9 to 10 cans, doesn’t bend in anyway. Feels sturdy enough to pull out of the fridge refill and then put back in.

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