Glass Food Storage Containers | Leak Proof Glass Bento Box Airtight Microwave Safe Divider | Lids BPA Free

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✔️SIZE: 35oz (8″ x 6″ x 2.7″)
✔️[Unique Compartment Glass Meal Prep Containers Large Glass Bento Lunch Box to thoughtful lifestyle]: JinaMart 10 Pieces snap ware glass containers set with our BONUS OF 2 EXTRA EASY LIDS ! Our Divided Glass Food Storage Containers set include 2 or 4 meal prep container with 35oz (8″ x 6″ x 2.7″) sizes and for more portion control two / four containers 33oz (8″ x 6″ x 2.7″) with compartments Lunch Boxes.
✔️[MICROWAVE SAFE & OVEN SAFE (NOT THE LIDS) FREEZER SAFE Dishwasher Safe]: BPA FREE & Warming, freezing or cooking your food in the oven is a breeze with this thermo-resistant set of glass food containers! Built to withstand temperatures up to 840°F, Glass Containers with Lids(and 2 extra lids) are all durable and easy to use as glass Lunch containers with lids!
✔️[100% Leak-proof Guarantee!]: You don’t have time for unnecessary spills and messes, and that’s why we designed our glass food storage containers with an innovative air-tight seal and smart locking lids to prevent any liquids or juices from leaking out from your bento lunch boxes— guaranteed!
✔️[Save time and space]: make a lunch box with home-cooked food for the whole family and bring it to work, school or gym. You can cook your food right in the Lunch containers then save and reheat the leftovers
✔️[The secret to keeping your food fresher]: Do you hate when your food spoils faster than when you have a chance to eat it in your lunch Container? We designed our leak-proof airtight JinaMart Glass Food Containers to keep your food fresher longer. Our innovative 4-sided lock lids and powerful airtight seals are game-changers for storing your food in Your Glass Lunch Boxes the right way!

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Are you tired of poor-quality Sets that leak and crack in temperature shocks?
You can enjoy it in our Food Storage Container Set. We have made sure that we bring you good value in your hand for your money. Jinamart set is made of good quality Borosilicate Glass which performs in temperatures down to -20 and temperatures up to 400 Celsius degrees.

In JinaMart meal prep, Food will last much fresher than normal plastic containers.

Set of 9 Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids Leak Proof
Leak Proof
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2 pcs, 4 pcs

30 reviews for Glass Food Storage Containers | Leak Proof Glass Bento Box Airtight Microwave Safe Divider | Lids BPA Free

  1. Avatar of Tink


    This Product is Awesome and im happy with it
    I love everything about it, great quality and its heavy which is a plus bc you no it a great set. So thanks alot, its amazing

  2. Avatar of Anjidd


    Really Efficient
    I really love my food containers. They are so useful and perfect for both Microwave an oven. I was really looking for such a great product! Thank you JinaMart.

  3. Avatar of Yashar


    Love these! I don’t know if its just the look or style but its great for meal prepping. The snap lids keep everything inside and I havent seen any spillage even when I have food inside with liquids.

  4. Avatar of Sheldon


    Nice set
    I’m really glad that I purchase this set of containers. Love that I can portion my food and also keep things separate when I need too. It’s very easy to clean. I would definitely buy this again.

  5. Avatar of Boyd


    Heavy thick glass.
    Better than expected. Been wanting these. Soon as $ dropped I got them. Honestly they are worth buying at a higher price Glass is thick. I’m used to them now. Heavier than plastic. Nice having 2 of 4 with compartments. Replacing all plastic with glass! I’ll be buying more.

  6. Avatar of Dominique


    Good, keeps food very fresh.
    Arrived with a broken lid but extra lids (included) were enough to cover them all. Overall they’re as expected

  7. Avatar of RyCess


    Thank you
    Great quality of product

  8. Avatar of Kuaren


    Great for mealprepping!
    I like these a lot. My only complaint is that i assumed all 4 would have 2 compartments but only 2 do. I should have looked at the pictures more carefully but they are great tupperware nonetheless.

  9. Avatar of Peaga


    Super happy!
    So happy with these containers! I got these for work so I could pack my own healthy lunches and I looked at a lot of different brands on here before deciding to go with these ones. I am so happy that I did! It comes with 2 replacement lids which I thought was great. The lids are leak proof and the containers can be put in the oven/microwave/freezer. Also liked that 2 had the divider and 2 did not. It’s a great variety for me. Highly recommend!

  10. Avatar of Montez


    Love them! I love the product. Really well made and perfect to take to work. Worth the money!

  11. Avatar of Travis


    Highly recommended! Great portion size, durable, and easy to clean.
    Great portion size for one serving per box. The boxes are durable too. The caps are indeed waterproof- it’s totally fine to have liquid in the box without worrying it might split out. And they’re also microwave-safe. Last but not least, the best part about this set is that it includes two different types of containers that satisfies my different needs for different types of food. These containers are perfectly useful under the current COVID-19 pandemic when it’s not safe to eat at restaurants. I initially got one set but I soon purchased a second set. I now use them everyday during weekdays.

  12. Avatar of Ash


    I would absolutely recommend!! Really fast shipping and great customer service!!

  13. Avatar of Shannon


    Buy them, you won’t regret!!
    They are wonderful. I got them to be able to heat up my lunch in a toaster oven at work and they work great. No leaks and I love that it has a divider.

  14. Avatar of Lexi


    Super resistentes, fácil de lavar y prácticos
    El producto es super práctico, sobre todo puedes poner ensalada en un lugar y el guisado en otro y no se mezclan

  15. Avatar of Likita


    Very nice container, well designed, leaked proof and easy to clean. Great to pack leftovers or to pack lunch.

  16. Avatar of Genrat


    Glad its dishwasher safe
    The dishes are the exact size i wanted. I love the thick glass. I just wish there were 4 with compartments. i would have paid more to get all with compartments. Cant score leak proof or not because haven’t use them yet.

  17. Avatar of PJ


    So far so good! Bought them for my husband to take to work, and now he’s working from home. So I know better when we get to go back to work!

  18. Avatar of Addas


    Perfect for my leftovers

  19. Avatar of Stephanie


    So nice I bought it twice!
    I got a set of these for myself back in November. The plastic ones I had before were just awful. I couldn’t get the smell of the last meal out (gumbo, taco soup) no matter how much I washed them; the plastic had basically absorbed it. Eventually it was so bad it started to melt tiny little holes in the plastic when they were microwaved, right where the plastic had clouded from the buildup. These glass ones, however, are WONDERFUL! They clean up so nice and always smell fresh out of the wash! I should have upgraded a long time ago. As many plastic container sets as I’ve bought over the years only to throw away after a few months of use? I could have saved so much cash if I just went for the 30 dollar glass over the 8 dollar plastics.

    The only slight downside is that the silicone rings do tend to absorb the smells pretty easily. A good soak in some dish washing soap usually clears it up, though, and it’s still so much better than the plastic nightmare. I’m pretty familiar with this thanks to the pressure cooker, which is why I love this set in particular for coming with extra silicone seals! I can swap between seals to keep them fresh without having to leave the container on standby.

    As for why I bought it twice, I visit my mother pretty often and one day she sent me home with a plastic container of gumbo. I tried so hard to get the smell of gumbo out before returning it to her but it was impossible. So for Christmas this year, I’m giving her a set of these as well! Bye bye, stinky old plastic!

  20. Avatar of Jordan


    Love the choice of different sizes & seals
    I have had oblong storage dishes before so thought I would try something different. Love the various sizes and there are foods I just only want in glass containers. Also loved I could change out the rubber seal.

  21. Avatar of Stacey


    Very happy with this product
    This glass food set is just what i need as it is in the perfect sizes to store leftovers in. these Borosilicate glass container is really meant to adjust different temperatures to reheat leftovers in oven and microwave or to store foods in the fridge .I am thrilled with this differentiated set with high quality lid rings besides 9 extra lid silicon rings that make this product to have double life span since all the other sellers products have the problem of low quality lid rings. . I find I use these all the time for carrying various portion sizes from half of a sandwich to whole big servings.

  22. Avatar of Madelyn


    Definitely worth it with this great price!
    Reasonable price, high quality product.
    100% recommended.

  23. Avatar of Ehsan


    Rubber Lining Comes Out
    It’s great for packing lunches and keeping foods separate so stuff doesn’t get soggy if there’s sauces. It’s pretty leakproof from my experience. I’ve filled it up with soapy water, closed the lid and shook it and no water escaped. But the rubber lining in the lids pop out a lot. It’s a minor inconvenience to stick them back in (they go back in easily) but they shouldn’t be popping out.

  24. Avatar of Maryam


    Efficient and keeps product tidy.
    Good size. Good portion control.

  25. Avatar of Ashley


    20 years old who shouldn’t be this exited over tuple ware.
    I don’t usually write reviews for stuff much but these containers are the bomb. They arrived in perfect condition.
    I ordered the set of 4 with 2 of them having dividers and I have no regrets. They are easy to clean and easy to warm up food in (obviously) and, buying more of them because I started prepping tomatoes and onions in them to cut the time I spend cooking. Prepped chopped Onions in these containers held up well in the fridge and kept that strong scent for a while. 10/10 would recomend.

  26. Avatar of Joyce Wilson

    Joyce Wilson

    Very nice for meal prep!
    These glass containers work very well for meal prep during the week. They reheat in the microwave well, the portion sizes are big enough and they don’t leak. I don’t have any problem with the lids. you just have to line them up before you try to close them. Can’t beat it for $16!

  27. Avatar of Eric M.

    Eric M.

    I bought this container set so taking lunch/food to work would be easier. The glass containers are solid, heavy and seem durable. I’ve used both a couple of times now, including in the microwave; however, the lids are not sturdy. The green lids that just snap on are fine, but the lids with the four clasps are all giving me trouble. It takes me 2-3 times to snap on, snap off and snap on again to really secure the containers. This is annoying. Other than the lids, it appears to be a decent product.

  28. Avatar of Theresa Williams

    Theresa Williams

    Very sturdy, need more effort putting back blue rubber seal
    I love them. I use them as my lunch containers, where I can just easily put them in the microwave to heat up. I also use them as leftover containers at home. These reusable containers help me to not use anymore single-use cling wrap for our leftovers before putting them in the fridge. I love how they gave extra covers to choose from. You do need to give a little more push when using the green covers. If you do wash the ones with the rubber seals, the blue rubber ones just need more effort in putting back on the lid and also when you close it with the glass container. The blue rubber actually goes around or has to hug the middle glass divider of the container. But overall, great purchase! 🙂

  29. Avatar of Arash


    I really like these double compartments.
    This is my other set from this company I purchased. I really like them they are easy to clean. And love the double storage compartments. Bonus. They can be a little difficult to snap but one they are i havent had one leak yet.

  30. Avatar of Moodoll


    I only purchase glass containers for leftovers and these containers are good for that. My husband likes his meat and potatoes, and you receive 2 portioned glass containers which can be used both for the refrigerator and the microwave making it a time saver.

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