Fridge Bin Egg Holder, Plastic Stackable BPA Free with Lid for Refrigerator 12 Eggs

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✅ Size: 3″ x 9″ x 7″
✅ Each special compartment for eggs holds 12 eggs
✅ JinaMart Stackable egg holder keeps up to 12 eggs safe and fresh in your fridge
✅ Ideal to make your refrigerators neatly and organized with less occupied space in the fridge
✅ Our egg holder and its lids are made of BPA-free plastic, it is not only sturdy but also easy to clean; simply wipe with soapy water


Fridge Bin Egg Holder, Plastic Stackable BPA Free with Lid for Refrigerator 12 Eggs

✅ Upgrade your kitchen storage with the JINAMART Fridge Binz Stackable Egg Holder.

✅ This organizer bin holds up to 12 eggs and is designed with a removable, transparent lid that protects eggs from cracking or breaking and provides visibility into the organizer so you know

✅ when it’s time to stock up again.

✅ The integrated front handle allows for quick access and easy reorganization, and the separated sections keep eggs in place while moving the bin.

✅ The versatile design can be stacked with additional Fridge Binz (sold separately) to maximize storage space.

✅ Made with durable clear and white BPA-free plastic, this refrigerator organizer stands up to everyday use and is easy to clean with mild soap and water.

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8 reviews for Fridge Bin Egg Holder, Plastic Stackable BPA Free with Lid for Refrigerator 12 Eggs

  1. Avatar of Christa


    Love it!
    This is perfect for the refrigerator, the box of egg cartons is too bulky and doesn’t fit in our fridge drawer. We don’t have room on the shelves of the door. so this egg holder fits perfectly. Love this product.

  2. Avatar of Cinna Lucy

    Cinna Lucy

    Good storage for eggs
    I transfer eggs to these containers for storage in the refrigerator. They stack and take up less space than regular egg cartons. Only problem happened when I was too lazy to hand wash the crates. The dishwasher ruined the covers so they did not fit as perfectly as before. That was my fault.

  3. Avatar of Jennifer


    But COVID nesting instincts made me want it and dang how did I live without it before?

    I bought two, the two fit my counter-depth fridge well, not stacked on top of each other but they could totally be stacked that way if you need them to. My two are instead sitting back to back on a shelf, two fit perfectly for counter-depth shelves! If we don’t have that many eggs, one can sit waiting in the tupperware drawer.

    You can certainly live your whole life without clear egg bins as I have lived half of my life that way. But it is really nice to take a quick look on shopping day and say we need eggs.

  4. Avatar of Carol


    Handy, easy to use and easy to clean.
    We live in an rv so our refrigerator isn’t very big, not big enough for two 18 packs of eggs. These egg holders are the right size for our refrigerator if I don’t use the lid so they will hold 18 eggs. They are well made and nice looking and easy to clean

  5. Avatar of Raquel Rivera

    Raquel Rivera

    This is exactly what I was looking for. I read a lot of reviews, some people said it was too deep, I thought it was perfect. The Lis you just place on top easy to open for people with arthritis like me. It’s sturdy, good material. I’m very happy with my purchase. I love that I can see how many I have left since it’s clear.

  6. Avatar of Kia


    Love the compact size. But it still holds 12 eggs.

  7. Avatar of D.Schibel


    I really like them, buying another pair.
    These are great! Fit well in the fridge, stack easy, took me a second to figure out the tops just lift right off, not slide off. Easy to clean, easy to use. I really like them, am going to buy another pair.

    Update March 29, 2021: I now have a few pair of these. I am not disappointed in the slightest. These fit great in the fridge, I keep my brown, white and blue chicken eggs color seperated and even have one for the pheasant eggs my daughter brings me. So much easier than reusing the store egg cartons. Love these.

  8. Avatar of Jaimee


    I bought two sets to hold two cartons of Costco eggs. I stack one on top of the other and have one set behind the other. They work super well, easy to clean

    Honestly my only complaint is that they slide around too easily. Obviously not a huge deal with me putting them all the way at the top of the fridge with almost nothing else around them, but I still worry when I pull my bread out that I’ll slide the containers along with them if I’m in too much of a hurry.

    I think this problem could be easily remedied with some sort of grippy tape on the bottoms, so if you’re more concerned about it (maybe you have kids or just are in a hurry a lot) I’d recommend buying something like that along side this product

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