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Dog Poop Bags


  • Dog Poop Bag: Our 5.5” x 11” bags have a 100 percent leak-proof guarantee
  • Box: 6 / 8 / 16 roll with 15 bags for each roll
  • Simple to open and tie securely so you can enjoy free walking with Dog
  • DOG POOP BAG – JinaMart EPI-friendly material 
  • JinaMart -Earth-friendly epi Biodegradable bags & Leak-Proof
120 bags
240 bags
90 bags
900 Bags
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JinaMart 100% Corn Starch Dog Poop bags – biodegradable plastic |dog poop pet waste bag | 18 Microns Thick | Extra Strong and Earth Friendly | Leak-Proof

Size: 5.5” x 11” bags
Thickness: 18μm


120 bags, 240 bags, 90 bags, 900 Bags

47 reviews for Dog Poop Bags

  1. DG


  2. N.Jane

    Weird to review a poop bag but I did look at reviews when deciding. These are great. Thick enough, smell seems to stay in bag when tied and tear apart easily. Those seem to be the biggest factors. Great buy!!

  3. Silverviolette

    So far no issues. Doesn’t rip when picking up and if I’m harming the environment less with these bags it’s a plus. The baggie holders are great for multiple leases too.

  4. Name by Name not by Nature

    These are thin for sure, but that doesn’t impact performance. They tear very easily from the roll and are surprisingly roomy. I haven’t tested to see if it really breaks down as advertised, but if it does then these are the only poop bags I’ll ever need to buy.

  5. Crystal Siglar

    good product, like the containers too

  6. Susan Davidson

    So far they are the best

  7. Kindle Customer

    Doggy poop bags with three keychain or leash clip on dispensers. The bags are water tight and thick enough not to tear easily. Big enough to use as a mit to pick up droppings and turn inside out and keep your hands clean.

  8. R. Claire Campbell

    These bags are a good size and perfect for kitchen waste – that’s why I bought them. But they aren’t very durable – they come apart very easily so you really do have to handle them gently.

  9. Raggedyawesome

    I have purchased many poop bags over the past 30 years. When I saw these were made of cornstarch I thought they would be similar to another product I have used in the past. These feel more like your local grocery store bag . I have included a photo that shows that you can see through the entire bag. Yes the picture is both layers of a bag. My dog weighs 8 lb so this bag will work well enough. I certainly won’t use them to pick up after a pitbull. These will last me a year, but I will be going back to Amazon brand.

  10. Todd M. Weitzel

    I like that these bags are biodegradable, but they are not very thick and not very sturdy. They are ideal for small dog poops but I need to use two bags for my big dogs. They rip and tear easily. I can, however, attest that they do biodegrade as advertised. After a day in the sun, you could smell that they had started to break down.

  11. Kathryn Coffman

    I like these. So far no problems with breaking or tearing and they open easily (a problem with other bags I have had). Most importantly they are (or so I hope) biodegradable. So no more regrets about adding more plastic to the landfill.

  12. Yvonne Guerin

    Bags are pretty good quality. Some of the bags where they are joined together on the roll aren’t perfect. The bag won’t open all the way at the bottom. Thankfully I have a small dog so not a big issue.

  13. Annette

    Bags work as described with no issues and the fact that they are biodegradable is a plus. Recommend these bags.

  14. EDF

    Essentiel qu’on puisse utiliser des sacs biodegradables afin de ne pas nuire davantage a l’environnement et ces sacs me semblent corrects pour ca

  15. N. Garon

    They sometimes tear due to the sticker tab

  16. M. Dorsey

    The bags are quite thin so I have to use 2 each time. I shared these bags with my daughter who has a new puppy and she loves them. Overall the bags are decent and a good buy for the price.

  17. Brian C. Haskins

    The bags are great! Will definitely buy again!

  18. Deanna K. Riddle

    Easy to use.

  19. Tanya Hunt

    We have broken through these bags multiple times, so they do seem to be thinner than our typical bag. However, they are a great value and I like that they’re made from corn starch!

  20. Vinny Smith

    So what can one write about a poop bag? They do the job, good value. My only complaint, as likely most guys sho don”t use lotion every 18 minutes, I have to spit on my fingers to open the bag. But that’s just a dry skin issue, not the products issue.

  21. salbertarose

    Waste of money. YOu think that buying in bulk will save you money, however, be prepared that every single roll you will waste minimum 4 bags, some more, because it is so flimsy that when you open them at the top, they will split right down the seam!There are better quality out there, like the earth rated, so saving money by buying copycats doesn’t always save you money!

  22. Patricia A Long


  23. John lutz


  24. TLW

    The bags were exactly as described and arrived quickly.I would purchase again.

  25. Gillian

    I like that they are biodegradable

  26. ruth J Young

    I purchased these bags in June 2020 and typically use 4-6 each day with 3 dogs. These bags have been great. I have not had one bag split which has often happened with other brands. They are a good size and are easy to separate to open a roll and to take apart from adjacent bag on the roll. Will definitely order again.

  27. kathi maroney

    Love the fact they are biodegradable but a bit thin for our dogs poop. The box is great that they come in it’s easy to store.

  28. J. Nickey

    Works as expected and a very good value.

  29. florence d.

    just what i wanted

  30. Sarah

    These bags pick up poop without issues or leakage but are on the thinner side; I am hoping that’s because they are marketed as eco friendly.They do the job, but I have had some difficulty removing the sticker; the stickiness of the stickler combined with the thinner nature of the bag casues the first bag of each roll to tear and be unusable.

  31. Mike

    Great product. My doggo says ‘would recommend to other dogs’

  32. customer

    The bags sold in packs of 240 bags or less are great. Thick and sturdy and easy to open. The bags sold in packs of 900 are NOT the same and are probably the reason for their lower cost and for other reviews saying “too thin”. The light green bags in the pack of 90 are awesome. I won’t be able to test their compostability until spring, but so far I’m pleased. I’ll be buying the 240 pack for sure next.

  33. Amazon Customer

    Glad to have an affordable true biodegradable option

  34. Elisha LaFleche

    These work as expected and are strong enough not to tear when taking a bag off of the roll. Sounds like a simple thing but many biodegradable bags are so thin they tear open and are not useful. I have started using them for my food waste as well.

  35. Cee Bee

    Sturdy bags with cool little dispenser. Much better than grocery bags. Easy to knot and dispose.

  36. Kateck

    Great love having holders for multiple leashes

  37. Kjane

    Great find and very convenient

  38. Eileen

    Great Product

  39. CCW

    I love that they are made of cornstarch, an environmentally friendly and renewable resource. However, I don’t see why that means they must be so thin. The thinness, I’m always worried I’ll tear a hole in the bag while picking up – a nightmare situation considering their use.They don’t block the smell at all either, so I’m stuck caring that smell the rest of the walk (and we have three dogs). I can accept the smell for the sake of the environment, but I do question if it has to be that way. Again, why do they have to be so thin?

  40. bob25

    Good bags for the price

  41. John H Roeder

    Great value

  42. jim lindenau


  43. A. Luff

    I wasn’t sure that I would like these as well as the scented ones, but I do. The bags are easy to open, no static cling. And the bags are substantial in thickness. These aren’t going to break. Easy to twist and knot before disposal, and I like that they (claim anyway) are made of corn byproducts that are biodegradable. You get a lot of bags in the box, much better value than what’s sold in the pet aisle at the grocery store. Will buy again!

  44. Carol S.

    Exactly as described. Packaged well for easy storage.

  45. Jackie Eldridge

    Love how big they are, how easy they roll and that they are biodegradable.

  46. Amazon Customer

    Love the amount of bags you get!! Love even more that they are good for the environment

  47. Asianthunder

    just thick enough and have a cardboard spindle instead of plastic.

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